How to take a bath to keep healthy?

How to take a bath to keep healthy?

Do you know that bathing can also be used for health care? For busy modern people, take it twice a week, about half an hour, put some herbs in the bathtub, adjust the water temperature, and comfortably soak one.The syrup bath can not only relieve fatigue, expel the disease, but also health care.

  Chinese medicine bath, have you soaked?

  The medicated bath is to put some Chinese medicine in the bath water to achieve the therapeutic effect.

From a medical point of view, the bath itself can promote blood circulation.

When taking a bath, the pores of the sweat are open and the breathing is accelerated. The Chinese herbal ingredients added to the bath water are absorbed through the open pores of the skin; some molecules of the alternative medicine are absorbed through the respiratory tract to achieve the purpose of fitness and treatment.

  ”Old and old words?”

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“The folk Chinese New Year’s Spiced Soup, the summer’s five soups are representative of this type.

  For busy modern people, taking a syrup bath is a simple and fast health care method.

  Traditional Chinese medicine bath to relieve fatigue and health 1: “Comfortable, not good here, there is good.

When the reporter walked into the ward, the 25-year-old Xiao Fu was refusing the doctor with ambiguous words.

Under the “translation” of Xiaofu’s sister, everyone understood the meaning of Xiaofu’s expression.

It turned out that Xiaofu felt that the Chinese medicine bath was not only comfortable, but he also cured his illness. He became addicted and wanted to go to the bubble again.

  Xiaofu is a Wuming County native. He is a construction worker. He was accidentally injured by a steel plate in late November last year, causing head injury and unconsciousness.

After being ineffective in the local hospital, it was transferred to the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region in early December.

However, due to the seriousness of the illness, the hospital surgeon used all kinds of methods and carefully treated it for nearly one month. The disease of Xiaofu did not improve obviously, and people were still in a coma.

Later, the doctor transferred Xiaofu from surgery to the Chinese medicine department.

Acupuncture, physiotherapy, and medicated bath, after two weeks of treatment, Xiaofu finally woke up.

However, because of brain trauma, the muscle tension was too high, and Xiaofu’s hands could not be put down. After the medicated bath, Xiaofu could eat his own bowl.

  An example 2: On the afternoon of March 18, the No. 7 bed of the Chinese Medicine Department of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region lived with Ms. Guo, 45 years old.

A year ago, because of the lumbar disc herniation, she suffered from low back pain and pain. She sought medical treatment, massage, acupuncture, cupping, and traction. Almost all methods were tried, but the symptoms did not improve significantly.

At the time of depression and depression, some people like her to recommend medicated bath therapy.

After 20 days of medicated bath treatment, Ms. Guo felt that the symptoms of physical discomfort were basically good.

  The formula varies from person to person, safflower and blood circulation, Aiye stagnation and blood circulation, chrysanthemum clearing liver and eyesight. Usually we can choose Chinese medicine bath with relevant effects for different conditions of the body or different health purposes.

  Aiye safflower bath relieves fatigue: urban people have lower life, work pressure, and often feel tired. At this time, you can use Ai Ye, safflower 30 grams each, put it in the bathtub, can relax the muscles and quickly eliminate fatigue.

  Chrysanthemum, rose bath to maintain skin: take the appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, decoction to slag, add bath bath, have heat, eyesight, clear fire, wake up, maintain the skin’s effect, convenient for mental workers to bath; women alsoThe rose bath can be washed frequently to help maintain the skin.

  Honeysuckle bath: Take the appropriate amount of honeysuckle, fry the water, filter the juice and then add it to the bath water. After the bath, it is cool and comfortable, and it can effectively treat the scorpion.

  Musk bath dampness: The weather in the south is obvious, especially in recent times, the weather in the south is obvious, can be used alone?
50 grams of musk, or add the right amount of leaves to bathe, help to remove the body’s moisture.

  There are many Chinese medicine formulas for medicated baths, which vary from person to person due to illness.

Such as the use of white sandalwood, woody and other medicinal materials bath, detoxification and itching, uplifting spirit, and can dissolve, antihypertensive, antibacterial.

Bathing with simmering soup can make the skin smooth, prevent disease and anti-aging, and also reduce inflammation and swelling.

Bathing with calamus, chrysanthemum, and eucalyptus leaves can brighten the eyes, refresh the brain, eliminate heat, relieve heat, and prevent skin diseases.