Speedy beauty chest exercises become bigger and easier

Speedy beauty chest exercises become bigger and easier

Doing a beautiful chest, letting you have a proud breast is no longer a dream!

Act fast!

  The breast doctor said that the black hair is not beautiful, the size is not important, and the important thing is the dark shape.

The uncleful chest shape actually stems from some wrong habits in daily life. As long as you pay attention to the correction, it will become beautiful.

Breast surgery is an indispensable substitute for breast surgery.

To this end, it is recommended to recommend a simple and easy to learn breast exercise, use leisure time to do breast exercises, promote breast health, enhance cardiopulmonary function and spinal replacement, avoid complications caused by bad, complications, waistPain, reducing waist and abdomen abnormalities is very helpful.

At the same time, the breast fitness coach reminds that during practice, you should pay attention to wearing loose and flexible clothing, persevere every day, and with a healthy diet, you can have a beautiful and healthy body.

  ”Plastic warfare” is slow, and each exercise repeats 4 times NO.

1: chest and chest with legs open to inhale, chest up, abdomen, two arms and exhale, with chest to the head, knee flexion, anterior top, two arms forward NO.

2: Open the inhalation around the shoulders of the shoulders, raise the chest with the chest to the head, the knees are slightly flexed, the two arms sink and inhale, lift the shoulders upwards, the body straightens and exhales, and the shoulders are sunk and sinking.Chest up, stretched NO after both arms.

3: Open the air inward and backward around the legs, raise the chest and breathe out with the chest to the head, both arms sink and inhale, the back of the waist moves the arms upwards, the body stands upright, the abdomen exhales, the arms extend backwardsOpen, chest up NO.

4: Open forward and forward legs to open the inhalation, chest up, heads and arms to the upper lift, abdomen, palms beyond exhalation, with chest arch back, arms close to NO by glue.

5: The skull opens and closes the legs to open, the two arms are lifted in front, the arms are open to the side, the chest is raised, the abdomen exhales, the arms are crossed, the elbows overlap, and the chest is resistant to the head, knee jointMicro-bending