How should we choose protein nutrition?

How should we choose protein nutrition?

Protein is a nutrient that plays an important role in human health. Therefore, the nutritional supplement of protein has been concerned by athletes, coaches, researchers and the general public.

  People can take a lot of protein from the diet, but due to time, cooking methods and other reasons, it is difficult to conveniently and timely replenish the desired protein.

In addition, high protein foods can also bring many drawbacks.

For example, it contains too much saturated fat, cholesterol, concentrated hormones, antibiotics and other harmful substances, which easily cause the body’s fat and cholesterol to rise, leading to cardiovascular disease and affecting health.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly supplement the protein powder.

  Protein powders are now quite popular and come in a wide variety.

Many people do not know how to choose from a wide range of protein nutrition products. In fact, these products can be basically divided into two categories: whey protein and vegetable protein.

  Whey protein is a protein proposed from milk. It is mainly composed of β-lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, immunoglobulin, etc. It is one of the most comprehensive natural proteins recognized internationally.It is also our first choice for protein supplementation.

Why is whey protein a good thing?

First, the nutritional value of whey protein is the highest among various protein products. Its protein potency, biopotency and protein net availability of butyl casein and soy protein.

At the same time, whey proteins relax cysteine and methionine, which maintain antioxidant levels in the body and prevent stable DNA during cell division.

Experiments have shown that whey protein also stimulates the body’s immune system, prevents chemicals from inducing cancer, and increases bone strength and lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

In fact, it absorbs quickly and peaks in the muscles within minutes of ingestion, providing a large amount of essential amino acids.

Third, the composition of whey protein amino acids is closer to the needs of the human body than plant proteins and is therefore more easily utilized by the body.

Therefore, whey protein is the primary concern of consumers.

Especially for the elderly, recovery patients, pregnant and lactating women, dieters, athletes and bodybuilders, taking whey protein is more scientific.

  The basic components of plant protein products on the market today are soy protein, or add some other ingredients to the soy protein.

Soy protein is a full-price protein, which contains essential amino acids to meet basic needs, and its price is relatively cheaper.

At the same time, the enzyme growth product of soy protein combined with phospholipid or chitosan can improve the metabolism of diabetes, significantly lower plasma cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein, and does not affect plasma high density lipoprotein, thereby reducing coronary heart disease.occur.

In addition, there is a substance called soy isoflavone, which promotes slight decomposition and lowers cholesterol while also having many special functions: anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, promote bone calcification, inhibit tumor cell proliferation, prevent high blood pressure,Complications such as diabetes and other complications.

In addition, isoflavones are a natural substance similar to female hormones and can be considered as a hormone substitute for menopausal women.

Because it is almost effective, and very soft, unlike taking estrogen directly, it can cause side effects.

Therefore, plant protein is the preferred protein for menopausal women and people with coronary heart disease, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

  In the simplest terms, the difference between whey protein and vegetable protein is that whey protein is the best source of protein, and plant extract protein is the most economical source of protein.

Qigong weight loss method

Qigong weight loss method

In principle, the use of Qigong weight loss method combines the whole and the local, and combines static work and dynamic work.

The methods of exercise include relaxation, strong exercise, and exercise methods such as Wu Qin, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing and Tai Chi.

  First, relaxation work is a kind of static work.

It is a step-by-step, rhythmic attention to all parts of the body from top to bottom, combined with the meditation of the word “loose”, gradually adjust the whole body to be natural, relaxed, comfortable, to relieve some tension, while making “ideas”Initial concentration, eliminate distracting thoughts, to clear the meridians, reconcile the blood, so that the brain is in a state of conscious and quiet inhibition.

  The specific exercises are as follows.


Preparation work is generally 5 before the practice?
Preparing for 10 minutes can reduce some of the distractions in the practice, help improve the quality of the exercises, and make the exercises go smoothly.

  (1) First stabilize the mood and stop some activities, such as work, study, housework, etc.

  (2) The place of practice should choose the place where the air is more circulated, but care should be taken to avoid direct blowing, and the light should not be too strong.

  (3) The surrounding environment should be relatively quiet. Generally, care should be taken to avoid the ups and downs of the practice.

  (4) Arrange for a practice bed or chair to strive for comfort.

  (5) If necessary, excrete the urine and urine first, so as not to affect the progress of the practice.

  (6) Loosen the collar, belt and other things bound to the body.


Posture (adjustment) exercises must take a certain posture, in order to be able to practice the body when the body is in a state of natural physiology, easy to smooth blood, quiet practice, while constantly proprioceptive nerve impulses to the brain, maintain good nerve stimulation.

Commonly used postures are as follows.

  (1) Sitting type: sitting on the stool, the legs are separated by the same shoulder width, the lower limbs knees, the alignment part is flexed 90 degrees, the two hands are placed on the thighs, the chest is pulled back, the shoulders are thick and elbow, the head is straight,Don’t lean on, the tip of the nose is aimed at Dantian, the eyes are slightly closed, the face is smiling, and the mouth is gently closed.

If you don’t have enough physical strength when you start sitting, you can sit on the chair.

  (2) supine position: lying on the bed, the head is natural and straight, the pillow is suitable for high and low, the mouth and eyes are gently closed, the limbs are naturally straightened, and the hands are placed next to each other.

  (3) Flat-station type: contraction, the two feet are separated into parallel or figure-eight (mild eight-character), the distance is the same as the shoulder width, the knee is slightly yielded, not exceeding the toe, loose, abdomen, liftingAnal, with chest pull back, upper limbs flat like a tree-like shape, shoulders and elbows, palms and palms opposite the palace, such as holding a ball.

The head is straight, the eyes are flat or slightly sewed, looking at the target in front, and the eyes are lightly closed.

  You can also put your right hand on the top, the left hand on the bottom (and vice versa), stack it in front of the lower Dantian, and the palms are inward; or both hands naturally hang down on the body.

  Various postures are suitable for application, and their selection and application can be considered according to the following situations.

  1 The beginner or the physical strength is weak, and the elderly are first to adopt the supine type, and it is generally appropriate to sit flat.

  2 If you feel that the posture of the pendulum is not very comfortable, you can move to adjust the limb or change a posture.

  3 stops for each workout 5?
After about 10 minutes, the improvement in physical strength will gradually increase.

Station type can be done alone or in combination with sitting type.


Breathing (adjustment of interest) should be properly adjusted during the practice.

  The adjustment of breathing, first of all to understand their breathing situation, can only carry out various breathing methods based on understanding the changes in their breathing.

When training and relaxing, it is generally based on natural breathing. On the basis of relaxation, you can cooperate with meditation “loose” when exhaling.

  The natural breathing method, which is based on the original natural respiratory rate and natural habits, is suitable for beginners and general practitioners.

As the practice Qigong deepens, the number of breaths will gradually slow down, the breathing depth will gradually increase, gradually reach symmetry, slow, thin, and long, but be careful not to suffocate, barely stretch the breath, must achieve deep breathing requirements on the basis of natural breathing.
If you want to lose weight by qigong, firstly, on the basis of mastering the relaxation function, master the abdominal breathing method, first practice breathing, and then practice breathing.

For example, when the inhalation, the diaphragm is lowered, the abdomen is raised; when the breath is exhaled, the diaphragm is raised, and the abdomen is invaginated.

Such as contraction of the abdominal muscles during inhalation, abdominal invagination, lower abdomen bulge; exhaled small abdominal contraction, abdominal relaxation, called reverse breathing.
In the abdominal breathing process of qigong weight loss, when the abdomen is invaded, it is necessary to pay attention to the abdomen, trying to contract the abdominal muscles in the direction of the spine.

This method is generally suitable for sitting and horizontal exercises.
The body is better. When practicing the standing type, the person who usually breathes in the abdominal breathing should practice the abdominal breathing method. Usually, the person who is breathing in the chest should practice the abdominal breathing method and then practice the reverse breathing method later.

Practice 10 each time?
After 20 minutes, you can change your natural breathing to avoid respiratory muscle fatigue.

The reverse breathing method is more difficult to practice, so pay attention to the softness of exhalation, naturally, do not pay attention to inhalation, it can make breathing smooth.


During the practice of thinking (aligning), we must gradually achieve spiritual peace, focus on concentration, and keep the spirit in the spirit is the most basic effort of Qigong. The better the calming, the better the effect, and vice versa.

The so-called static refers to a quiet state, no distracting thoughts, concentrated on one point, or intention to keep body parts, such as “Dan Tian”, “Jiangquan”; or meditation on certain words or numbers, such as meditation “song””Quiet”, so that the mind is not chaotic, the distracting thoughts are not born, the mood is comfortable, and the comfort is calm.

When the static is deep, the cerebral cortex enters a state of inhibition.

In the process of practicing relaxation, whenever you pay attention to relaxation step by step, it is time to concentrate your attention on the body.

Then gently pay attention to certain parts of the body on the basis of relaxation.

The usual part of attention is “Dan Tian” (referring to the lower Dantian Guanyuan point, 3 inches below the navel, the abdomen in the midline of the abdomen).


The relaxation method uses gradual relaxation to induce static, natural breathing to adjust the mood, from head to toe, and gradually relax from top to bottom.

The three-line relaxation method is generally adopted.

  First line: from both sides of the head → vertical sides → two shoulders → two upper arms → two forearms → two hands → two fingers.

  Second line: from the top of the head → skin → obesity → skin → abdomen → two front legs → two calves front → two foot back → two toes.

  The third line: the back of the head → neck item → hips → waist → legs → the back of the two thighs → the back of the two calves → the heel → the sole of the foot (Yongquan point).

  Relaxing the three-line method as described above and relaxing three times repeatedly can feel relaxed and quiet.

If you feel that a part of your body is not relaxing, don’t worry, relax in this area, or let it be natural, don’t mind.

Then on the basis of natural breathing, in every breath, I want to be quiet when inhaling, and want to loose when exhaling.

I practiced this practice for more than ten times, and then concentrated my thoughts on the Dantian (nurturing) for a while, and then practiced meditation on “quietness” and “song”.

This cycle is carried out, this method is called training.

  It can relax the body, calm down, and eliminate distractions to reach the realm of peace.

When you are able to reach a state of relaxation, you can practice abdominal breathing, first breathing, and then breathing backwards.

Practice according to the essentials, gradually achieve the effect of abdominal weight loss.


At the end of the practice (received), the Qigong should be slowly activated at the end of the qigong. First open your eyes, then lick your hand and do some exercises, which will make your mind clear and flexible.


Exercise time and frequency of general Qigong exercise daily 1?
2 times, 20 each time?
30 minutes.

Arrange when to start from the actual situation, usually in the morning, afternoon or evening before going to sleep, the key is to be serious and persistent.


Precautions in practicing Qigong (1) Put your posture first when you exercise, and check if the body parts are natural and relaxed.

If the posture is unnatural, it should be corrected.

  (2) For some parts that are not easy to relax, you can do some self-massage before you prepare for work.

  (3) Breathing should be natural, stable and soft when practicing.

Often, if you feel poor breathing during your initial training, you can breathe a few times.

  (4) Thoughts and quiets are a relative process. When practicing, be careful not to be overly hard, and to be guided by the situation and gradually.
  (5) There must be confidence, determination, patience and perseverance in practicing Qigong.

  (6) If there is a sudden loud noise in the practice, don’t be scared. You can calm down and continue to practice.

  (7) If you feel some local warmth, numbness, soreness or heavy feeling in the practice, this is a common reaction in practice, let it be natural, do not pay attention to these feelings and interrupt the practice.

  (8) After practicing, I feel that my mind is clear, my spirit is comfortable, my hands and feet are warm, my limbs are relaxed, etc. This is a phenomenon of practicing efficiency, indicating that Qigong has already played a role.
  (9) To learn qigong, you must have the guidance of a doctor or an expert to receive the results quickly.

  Second, one of the essentials of qigong practice is the combination of dynamic and static work.

Movement refers to the movement of the body (external movement) and the movement of the body (inner gas), and static is the static of the form (external static) and the static of the spirit (internal static).

The purpose of practicing Qigong is to stimulate and adjust the physiological functions of the human body, balance the balance of yin and yang, dredge the meridians, smooth the blood and cultivate the infuriating air. This is the internal action. This kind of dynamic action must be realized in a static state.
The movement of the body also requires internal static, dynamic and static to play a better effect.

Generally, you can do static work after doing static work, or you can do static work or dynamic work in each exercise separately. These should be mastered according to the specific situation.

  There are many movements for weight loss, each with its own merits.

Our outstanding Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi and other methods are very effective.

  The fitness extension of Tai Chi has been proved by a large number of clinical practices.

Use the Tai Chi method to lose weight, exercise more, and with the reverse breathing method.

According to the selection of Tai Chi, it is appropriate to decide according to the physical condition of each individual.

Simplified Taijiquan is based on Yang style Taijiquan. It is easier to master. Although the number of sessions is small and the amount of exercise is small, it can be repeated several times to achieve a certain amount of exercise.

Tai Chi can be trained to seem to have nothing to do, the shadows are unpredictable, seemingly soft and weak, but in fact, it is the practice of refined gas, practicing gasification, practicing the realm of the gods, and even achieve the purpose of fitness, andAnd can achieve the physical body requirements of weight loss.

  Wu Qin Xi is a kind of physical health movement created by Hua Tuo based on ancient guiding techniques and imitating the movement characteristics of five kinds of animals.

There are four or five sets that have been handed down in ancient times, and the basics are the same.

Its action is to take the tiger’s strength and fierceness, the deer’s health and goodness, the bear’s steady and powerful, the sleek sleek and the bird’s balance lightly compiled.

The practitioners who practiced the five-pong drama, they have a beautiful face, a strong spirit, a dexterous movement, and a uniform posture, healthy and longevity.

Husband’s three more fattening method

Husband’s “three more” fattening method

Husband is a thin man, one meter eight, weighing only 60 kilograms.
This proportion is obviously too thin.
A woman is slim and beautiful.
If a man is too slim, it will not only look bad, but it will also affect health.
  The reason why her husband is so thin, listen to him, mainly because of childhood, caused by illness, just like the foundation of the tree is not good, and will not grow into a towering tree in the future.
Parents often sigh “Quiet, eat so many things, it is not long meat.”
Husband is also too thin and troubled. When buying clothes, the salesperson gives the husband a waist.
Husband pointed at my waist and said to the salesperson: “No need to worry, her waist is the standard.”
The sales clerk smiled and said: “Sir, you are slim.”
When I came back, my husband said to me: “I don’t know if the salesperson said that it is to boast me or damage me. It seems that I really want to gain weight.
“It is easy to lose weight, and it is a little difficult to gain weight.”
How can I gain weight?
To this end, the husband specifically inquired about the secret recipe of fattening on the Internet.
Three methods were summarized to increase fat.
” Eat more, sleep more, exercise more.”
The husband plays the “three more” fattening method.
I am required to strictly supervise and strive for the success of early fattening.
  In order to gain weight, he is specially added to his nutrition.
I heard that eating more meat can make you fat.
As a result, various meat foods took turns to bomb the stomach of her husband.
Sometimes, I also eat supper at night.
After eating for a few months, he was able to eat it straight, but he didn’t see any effect.
I don’t know where these nutrients have gone.
This trick failed.
  I love watching TV when I am fair, I like to read books at night, and I sleep very late.
Now, it is stipulated that you go to bed at eight o’clock every night and do not allow staying up late
He also obeyed and slept very well.
After a long time, the effect did not reach, but it developed a habit of sleeping late.
Often the sun is on the butt, and he is still asleep.
Picking him up, he also begged: “Wife, do well, let me sleep for a while.
“This move failed again.
  Now there is only one last move left, forcing him to exercise.
He is a very afraid of sports, but now he is serious about moving on time every day.
Do sit-ups, lift dumbbells, and run.
After three months, the same effect did not work.
I will not ask him: “Do you have never been fat?”
Husband said: “There was a period of fat, it was working outside, thinking home is fat.
“”gosh!There is such a thing, and now he can’t get him alone to make him home.”

  We are both discouraged.

I also want to understand, thin and thin!

As long as the body is not sick, why bother it!

Under this day, there are more people!

Still letting it go, maybe, someday, my husband likes to eat the April fat, suddenly become a big fat man!

Therefore, we formally announced the cancellation of the “three more” fattening law.

Speedy beauty chest exercises become bigger and easier

Speedy beauty chest exercises become bigger and easier

Doing a beautiful chest, letting you have a proud breast is no longer a dream!

Act fast!

  The breast doctor said that the black hair is not beautiful, the size is not important, and the important thing is the dark shape.

The uncleful chest shape actually stems from some wrong habits in daily life. As long as you pay attention to the correction, it will become beautiful.

Breast surgery is an indispensable substitute for breast surgery.

To this end, it is recommended to recommend a simple and easy to learn breast exercise, use leisure time to do breast exercises, promote breast health, enhance cardiopulmonary function and spinal replacement, avoid complications caused by bad, complications, waistPain, reducing waist and abdomen abnormalities is very helpful.

At the same time, the breast fitness coach reminds that during practice, you should pay attention to wearing loose and flexible clothing, persevere every day, and with a healthy diet, you can have a beautiful and healthy body.

  ”Plastic warfare” is slow, and each exercise repeats 4 times NO.

1: chest and chest with legs open to inhale, chest up, abdomen, two arms and exhale, with chest to the head, knee flexion, anterior top, two arms forward NO.

2: Open the inhalation around the shoulders of the shoulders, raise the chest with the chest to the head, the knees are slightly flexed, the two arms sink and inhale, lift the shoulders upwards, the body straightens and exhales, and the shoulders are sunk and sinking.Chest up, stretched NO after both arms.

3: Open the air inward and backward around the legs, raise the chest and breathe out with the chest to the head, both arms sink and inhale, the back of the waist moves the arms upwards, the body stands upright, the abdomen exhales, the arms extend backwardsOpen, chest up NO.

4: Open forward and forward legs to open the inhalation, chest up, heads and arms to the upper lift, abdomen, palms beyond exhalation, with chest arch back, arms close to NO by glue.

5: The skull opens and closes the legs to open, the two arms are lifted in front, the arms are open to the side, the chest is raised, the abdomen exhales, the arms are crossed, the elbows overlap, and the chest is resistant to the head, knee jointMicro-bending

One can of beer per day to prevent male ED

One can of beer per day to prevent male ED

The study began with the publication of the international authoritative scientific journal Nature (Nature). Researcher Zheng Yingwei pointed out that the study comprehensively analyzes relevant international literature data for the past 16 years, involving 35,000 men aged 16 to 70 worldwide, and Asia accounting for nearly 10,000 people.

  The results showed that the risk of impotence was lower than that of those who did not drink alcohol. If you drink one to seven drinks a week, the risk of impotence is reduced by 27%. However, if you drink eight or more drinks per week, the risk of impotence is only reduced.15%.

  According to the definition of the National Institutes of Health, impotence is an erectile dysfunction and dissatisfaction.

Zheng Yingwei explained that because impotence and cardiovascular disease are quite similar, including diabetes, obesity, etc., the medical community has confirmed that moderate drinking can prevent cardiovascular disease, so the relationship between drinking and impotence is discussed. The results show that drinking one to seven drinks per week is the mostEffectively reducing the risk of impotence and increasing the amount of alcohol consumed will only reduce its positive impact.

  The Department of Psychiatry of the University of Hong Kong and Wu Minlun explained that the medical profession used to observe that patients suffered from excessive drinking and impaired bodily functions, leading to impotence. Therefore, the recognized alcohol is one of the predisposing factors, but it ignores the moderate drinking of healthy people. He went to the Hong Kong Sex Society.Many experts in this study are dubious.

However, the results of the study only reflect that there is a positive impact on the right amount of drinking in the long run, and it cannot be confirmed that there is immediate effect, let alone drinking alcohol to treat impotence.

  The report also stated that the Hong Kong Department of Health advised men not to drink more than three servings a day, or not more than 21 per week.

A dietitian reminds high blood pressure, high blood fat, gout and excessive patients should abstain from alcohol. Those who take hypoglycemic drugs will make their blood sugar levels too low, which can cause coma.

Traveling to the old-style housing estates in Macau to eat stalls

Traveling to the old-style housing estates in Macau to eat stalls

People who are not familiar with Macau only know that she is “Monte Carlo in the East”. Many people who have been to Macau have only known her.

  If you don’t go to Macau, it is a very bad thing.

  Macao’s dining is colorful, just like the culture of Macao. In the 400 years since the first Portuguese arrived on the Chinese coast, this small peninsula in the Pearl River Estuary, where the East and West cultures collide, has formed a lot.A unique culture.

  In the elegant restaurant of the five-star hotel, on the narrow cobbled streets, in the seaside village, on the hills of the village, a variety of Chinese and Western food snacks are rich, people can not help but the index finger moves.

  A wine list thick like a phone book should eat the most upscale Western food, of course, the French restaurant in Lisboa.

It is held three times a year, and it is said that it is scheduled to be booked three months in advance.

March is a large meal of black pine fungus, November is a large meal of white pine, and in June there is no theme.

It is said that this black pine fungus and white pine fungus are the “sashimi abalone” in the French feast, and the chef is the top French culinary master.

The French restaurant has a limited number of tables and the price is not cheap, but Hong Kong and Macao’s “old man” tends to be awkward.

  The wine list in the restaurant is a thick one.

People who like wine, especially those who love red wine, will be ecstatic if they get there – more than 2000 wines, French, the rest of the world, the year from 145 years ago until recentlyIn a few years, the price ranged from tens of thousands to several months.

Almost every wine price currently has a famous rating and a fixed star rating.

  Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, bars, pubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, leisure centers

  African Spice Local Cuisine Macau has a famous dish called “African Chicken”.

It is said that when the Portuguese sailed all the way, they brought along the African spices along the way, Indian spices, Southeast Asian spices, such as curry, Yugui, etc., combined with the cooking of Guangdong, formed a unique “Macau local dish”.
Although this “Macau local dish” has some shadows of traditional Portuguese cuisine, the materials, cooking techniques and dishes are influenced by Cantonese cuisine.

“African chicken”, “spicy prawn” and other famous dishes, good color and flavor, must be tasted in Macau.

  The riverside new street of Macao’s main island, Nanwan Street, the front of the Senate Pavilion and the West Bay Republic Road, the official street of Taipa, and the black sand beach near the road, all have good Macao local dishes and Portuguese restaurants.The style of Ma Jiexi is naturally “authentic Portuguese flavor”.

The main cooking method of Portuguese cuisine is 0, 烩, roast and stir-fry. The biggest feature is salty and strong.

Almost every Macao person will tell you that the most famous Portuguese dish is called Ma Jiexiu, which is marinated squid. It is said that there are many kinds of cooking methods.

After “Ma Jiexiu”, it is an important part of the Portuguese cuisine, the hibiscus, the Portuguese sweet rice is one of the “famous”.

  The street of Southeast Asian cuisine, Guanyin Street of Taipa Island and Banyantang Street of Macao Island, has a reputation as “food street”.

There are gatherings of Southeast Asian-style restaurants in developing countries.

There are Indian, Vietnamese, and Burmese dishes.

The Dutch Garden Second Road is also listed as “Thai Street”, where there are many Thai restaurants.

It is said that the Burmese cuisine is made by the returned overseas Chinese in Myanmar; the Thai food is because there are many Thais working in Macau, and there are Thai restaurants in their settlements.

  The European reclamation in the new reclamation area is on the beach not far from Lisboa.

This Guanyin statue is sculptured by Portuguese artists. It is different from the familiar Guanyin image. It is the oriental goddess in the eyes of Europeans. Like a Cantonese girl, she has a low head and arms, and her robes are light.

  The square block of the new reclamation area facing Guanyin is a new leisure place in Macau. It is a private open-air cafe, restaurant and bar with international cuisine.

The name of the street is also full of European atmosphere, such as London Street, Paris Street, Roman Street and so on.

  The old-style housing village is the nearest island in Macau. Near the nearest island, the waterfront of Zhuhai Hengqin Island is across the water, and the old-style fishing village is everywhere. The atmosphere is quite peaceful.

It is said that Hong Kong people like it very much. Some film and television dramas also use this as a location because they are quite nostalgic.

  Walk through a quiet and winding old street with a small church and a small square in front of the church.

Under the old banyan trees on both sides of the square, there are two rows of stalls, near the water, and some restaurants.

The seafood and home-cooked Cantonese dishes are quite cheap.

Like a quiet person, drink a beer here, blowing the sea breeze, do not have a sentimental.

  Snacks “Hand Letters” are sent to friends and relatives in the small streets and alleys of Macao. They often see posters with the words “hand letters”. Customers who come out from them often carry a bag of very beautiful things.

One question, “hand letter” is the meaning of gifts, snacks and gifts, and I don’t know the words of these two words.
  Macao’s snacks are very authentic, very distinctive, egg tarts, macaroons, egg rolls, peanut candy, meat chop, etc., made exquisite.
In Xinma Road, Fulong New Street, Qingpingzhi Street, Guanye Street, there are many small shops selling all kinds of snacks, some are made now, and the fragrance from the store can be smelled far away.

Packed in a beautiful carton paper bag, it is very good to bring home and give gifts to relatives and friends.

The elderly are good at using the mouth to prolong life

The elderly are good at “using the mouth” to prolong life

Longevity sounds like a big project, but in fact, some small details can exert unexpected effects after a long period of time.
Older people should eat more food, eat less, chew slowly, be good at mouthwash, diligently communicate, sing and laugh. If you practice these “mouths”, you can delay aging and prolong life.
  Eat less meals. The gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys and other organs of the elderly are weaker. Eating less meals can minimize the burden on the body while ensuring nutrient intake.
It is best for the elderly to eat four to five meals a day, and each time they are 50 to 60 percent.
  Chewing and chewing activities are closely related to the brain.
When the number of chewing foods increases or the frequency increases, the blood flow to the brain also increases significantly, activating the cerebral cortex, thereby delaying aging.
  Good at mouthwash and swallowing Russian scientists have found that the central nervous system will start to excite after about 5 minutes of continuous mouthwashing. The large amount of saliva secreted immediately after the mouthful of mouthwash will exacerbate this excitement and have a good health effect on the brain.
In the traditional Chinese health practice, there is a “drumstick” saying that the tongue is stirred up and down more than 36 times in the mouth, and the saliva produced is swallowed three times, and there is no evil fire, no blood, no blood, no spleen, no longevity.The effect of the year.
  Singing and laughing Singing not only makes people happy, but also enhances immunity.
Laughter is also the best helper for health. French psychologists point out that when people laugh, there will be a “biochemical storm” in the brain that can greatly improve brain function.
The elderly sing more and laugh more, can relax the brain and effectively prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.
  Diligent conversation The longevity of China’s famous Chinese painting master Guan Shanyue is that he often talks with people. He has not only activated his own brain, but also made friends from all walks of life. He is cheerful and open-minded.
More conversation can reduce the incidence of loneliness and depression.

These foods are natural intermediate scavengers!

These foods are natural intermediate scavengers!

Youth loves acne on fire, afraid of bad breath, nothing to do, it’s a secret, and it’s a must-have. Now people’s work life is always busy, fast, old, late, love, worry, unconscious, too much physical burden, causing many people’s health problems.For us, it is more important than good food to detoxify the intermediates.

Kelp: The “accelerator” of peristalsis.
Kelp can effectively treat endemic goiter, and has preventive and auxiliary therapeutic effects on hypertension, arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

In terms of detoxification, kelp is the “accelerator” of bowel movements.

The kelp is alkaline, which promotes the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood and helps the laxative.

Moreover, the universe is low and the precipitation fibers are abundant, which can accelerate the inherent movement.

The best way to eat kelp is to steam, so that it does not destroy the minerals in the kelp, but also effectively increase bowel movements.


Spinach: Intestinal heat poisoning “cleaning” spinach can cleanse the heat and poison in the human stomach, suspicious constipation, make people radiant, known as the “clean up workers” of gastrointestinal heat.

Spinach leaves contain a vitamin to keep blood sugar stable; spinach vegetables multivitamins can prevent angular cheilitis, night blindness; spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants, anti-aging, promote cell reproduction, can activate the brainFunction, which can enhance youthful vitality and prevent brain aging.


Rough rice: The plumber’s “plumber” coarse rice is richer in vitamins, minerals and accumulated fiber than white rice, so a small amount of rice has always been a healthy food.

The crude rice is rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, which can promote blood circulation. The source continuously delivers energy to the body, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body, prevent constipation and intestinal cancer, and is known as the “plumber worker” in the body.
Food Method: You can eat the raw rice porridge.


Honey: “Nourishing liquid” of the gastrointestinal tract; magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients in honey can regulate the nervous system, and can also provide a good rest environment for the body, so that the intermediate “and the color of the color” is known as the gastrointestinalThe “beauty liquid” of the road.

Take a spoonful of honey soaked in water to achieve the effect of moisturizing and beauty.


Yogurt: Intestinal-powered “additive” yoghurt supplemented with lactic acid bacteria can maintain the ecological balance of the flora in the body, form a biological barrier, inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria by interaction; lactic acid bacteria will produce a large number of short-chain fatty acids to promote metabolic kinetics, thus preventing constipation,It is known as the “additive” of intestinal motility; the various enzymes contained in yogurt can also help the body to better digest and absorb the nutrients in milk.

Drinking a cup of yogurt between meals can balance the intestinal flora and promote initial digestion and decomposition.

These fruits help you clear the bowel.

Apple apples contain metabolic fibers, which are estimated to be good for gastrointestinal motility and help detoxification.

Apple contains pectin, pectin will become sticky after decomposition in the body, which has the effect of activating the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, promoting bowel defecation, and pectin can also promote the discharge of lead, mercury and manganese in the stomach.Regulate blood sugar levels in the body, calcium and potassium in apples can prevent edema.


Strawberry and apple, strawberry contains pectin and rich fiber, but strawberry vitamin C content is high, about ten times that of apple, rich cellulose can promote peristalsis, help digestion, smooth stool, prevent hemorrhoids, intestinal cancer.

It also has a good effect on regulating human plasma and adult content.

Strawberry contains a substance called aspartic acid, which can naturally remove the “slag” in the body. It has the function of detoxifying and nourishing the skin, so it is also called “slim fruit”.


Kiwifruit is considered to be the fruit with the highest nutrient density, and the vitamins and amino acids required by the human body, the VC content of the fruit also contains chlorophyll when it is first mature, and is known as the “king of Chinese fruit.”

Contains excessive amounts of precipitated fibers and oligosaccharides, proteolytic enzymes.

It can help the human body to digest, absorb and take away many harmful substances inside and greasy a small amount, quickly remove harmful metabolites accumulated in the body, prevent, prevent constipation, transplant cancer and arteriosclerosis.


Lemon lemon is one of the world’s medicinal fruits. It is supplemented with vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high potassium and low sodium, as well as coumarins, sitosterols, volatile oils, etc.It can promote the secretion of proteolytic enzymes in the stomach, increase the peristalsis of plasma, help digestion and absorption and lose weight.

Lemon raw food also has good analgesic and vomiting effects, so lemon is a fruit suitable for women.


Pineapple pineapple contains almost all the vitamins needed by the human body, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption.

Rich pineapple juice can decompose protein and effectively dissolve impurities. Because the excess fiber volume is reduced, the adsorption is good, and it can take away excess traces and other harmful substances inside. It is an excellent choice for healthy weight loss body.

First-class detox tea 1.

3-5 pieces of Chen Pi Umepu 洱 Chenpi, 1 ebony, 1 capsule of Chrysanthemum Pu’er.
Wash the tangerine peel and ebony, peel off the tangerine peel, cut the ebony or squash, add 500ml of boiling water to the tea bag, turn the brown color into yellow, then add the tangerine peel and ebony to cover it, and simmer for about 5-7 minutes.
Chenpi promotes digestive digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to stop abdominal pain, relieves abdominal distension, and the acidity of ebony and dried tangerine peel can promote salivation, help quench the thirst, and improve dry nose and mouth.


Hawthorn tangerine peel cassia cassia 10 grams, 6 grams of hawthorn, tangerine peel, 2 pieces of licorice.

Wash the tangerine peel and hawthorn, and peel off the small pieces, add 500ml of boiling water to the tea bag, then add the tangerine peel and hawthorn to wash for about 5 minutes.

Cassia is a laxative, hawthorn helps to lower blood fat, help digestion, dried tangerine peel to eliminate abdominal distension, licorice can drink sweet tea, and can protect the stomach.


Lotus leaf barley corn mustard, dry lotus leaf, coix seed each prepared 5g.

All materials are boiled in 500 ml of water.

Corn has a diuretic effect and can increase chloride emissions.

The dry lotus leaf has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat and diuresis.

Old Chinese Medicine[常舒润通茶](Click on the picture to enter the mall)

Longevity eats light and lives freely


Longevity eats light and lives freely

Talking about her longevity, Luo Hong thought about it and talked slowly about three.

  She said: “My longevity is due to the peace of mind and the humiliation.

Luo Hong published more than a dozen collections of novels. Before the founding of the People’s Republic, he was hailed as a “real novelist” by the famous writer Zhao Jingshen.

After liberation, he was promoted as one of the “Top Ten Women Writers” in the country.

Whether it is in the glory days of everyone’s applause, or in the lost days of decentralized labor, she has a normal heart.

She has high blood pressure, but a double-recovery tablet that has contracted blood pressure has been around for decades.

Today, she lives a quiet and orderly life.

Get up at 5 o’clock every morning, wash your own, and then listen to the morning news at 6 o’clock on time.

Read the newspaper in the morning and read the book.

She has a variety of newspapers, mainly reading modern novels.

After eating lunch, taking a nap, mainly in the bed, flipping the newspaper, and then squatting for dozens of minutes, usually no more than an hour.

Thinking writing after a nap.

The “The Day of the Island” written by her in her later years, “The Prose of Luo Hong” came out like this.

  Second, the brain should be used more, and the hands and feet should be moved.

Luo Hong was born to be thin, and a pair of gentlemen looked quietly.

Due to professional habits, she usually sits and reads and writes, but she pays attention to activities. She believes that life lies in sports and longevity lies in hyperactivity.

For the writer, the brain should be used more, the grid should be climbed more, and the hands and feet should be moved more.

Throughout her life, she insisted on combining work and rest, cooperating with each other, reading a book for a while, and inevitably going downstairs and walking around.

She usually likes to walk. She walks around the house. On the first floor, she is all familiar. When she is eighty or ninety years old, she can walk from Xujiahui, the home of Huaihai Zhonglu.

  Third, the diet is light and should not be too full.

She said that eating, I would rather be lucky, not very full.

Can’t see good things, come up with heart, eat well, this is a hurtful move, not a way of health.

Her usual breakfast is mainly to eat rice, half a bowl of oysters, accompanied by pickles, oily peanuts.

Chinese rice, two soups, one soup, or two vegetarian soup, half a bowl of rice.

The same is true at night.

She doesn’t pick and choose, ribs, braised pork, and pork belly, but it can’t be too heavy.

She said: “Eatly eat and live comfortably.

“Speaking, laughing happily, a look of innocence, so we laughed.”

How to take a bath to keep healthy?

How to take a bath to keep healthy?

Do you know that bathing can also be used for health care? For busy modern people, take it twice a week, about half an hour, put some herbs in the bathtub, adjust the water temperature, and comfortably soak one.The syrup bath can not only relieve fatigue, expel the disease, but also health care.

  Chinese medicine bath, have you soaked?

  The medicated bath is to put some Chinese medicine in the bath water to achieve the therapeutic effect.

From a medical point of view, the bath itself can promote blood circulation.

When taking a bath, the pores of the sweat are open and the breathing is accelerated. The Chinese herbal ingredients added to the bath water are absorbed through the open pores of the skin; some molecules of the alternative medicine are absorbed through the respiratory tract to achieve the purpose of fitness and treatment.

  ”Old and old words?”

The front wash said: “(Spring February 2nd) 枸杞 汤 汤 具 具 , , , 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人 令人

“The folk Chinese New Year’s Spiced Soup, the summer’s five soups are representative of this type.

  For busy modern people, taking a syrup bath is a simple and fast health care method.

  Traditional Chinese medicine bath to relieve fatigue and health 1: “Comfortable, not good here, there is good.

When the reporter walked into the ward, the 25-year-old Xiao Fu was refusing the doctor with ambiguous words.

Under the “translation” of Xiaofu’s sister, everyone understood the meaning of Xiaofu’s expression.

It turned out that Xiaofu felt that the Chinese medicine bath was not only comfortable, but he also cured his illness. He became addicted and wanted to go to the bubble again.

  Xiaofu is a Wuming County native. He is a construction worker. He was accidentally injured by a steel plate in late November last year, causing head injury and unconsciousness.

After being ineffective in the local hospital, it was transferred to the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region in early December.

However, due to the seriousness of the illness, the hospital surgeon used all kinds of methods and carefully treated it for nearly one month. The disease of Xiaofu did not improve obviously, and people were still in a coma.

Later, the doctor transferred Xiaofu from surgery to the Chinese medicine department.

Acupuncture, physiotherapy, and medicated bath, after two weeks of treatment, Xiaofu finally woke up.

However, because of brain trauma, the muscle tension was too high, and Xiaofu’s hands could not be put down. After the medicated bath, Xiaofu could eat his own bowl.

  An example 2: On the afternoon of March 18, the No. 7 bed of the Chinese Medicine Department of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region lived with Ms. Guo, 45 years old.

A year ago, because of the lumbar disc herniation, she suffered from low back pain and pain. She sought medical treatment, massage, acupuncture, cupping, and traction. Almost all methods were tried, but the symptoms did not improve significantly.

At the time of depression and depression, some people like her to recommend medicated bath therapy.

After 20 days of medicated bath treatment, Ms. Guo felt that the symptoms of physical discomfort were basically good.

  The formula varies from person to person, safflower and blood circulation, Aiye stagnation and blood circulation, chrysanthemum clearing liver and eyesight. Usually we can choose Chinese medicine bath with relevant effects for different conditions of the body or different health purposes.

  Aiye safflower bath relieves fatigue: urban people have lower life, work pressure, and often feel tired. At this time, you can use Ai Ye, safflower 30 grams each, put it in the bathtub, can relax the muscles and quickly eliminate fatigue.

  Chrysanthemum, rose bath to maintain skin: take the appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, decoction to slag, add bath bath, have heat, eyesight, clear fire, wake up, maintain the skin’s effect, convenient for mental workers to bath; women alsoThe rose bath can be washed frequently to help maintain the skin.

  Honeysuckle bath: Take the appropriate amount of honeysuckle, fry the water, filter the juice and then add it to the bath water. After the bath, it is cool and comfortable, and it can effectively treat the scorpion.

  Musk bath dampness: The weather in the south is obvious, especially in recent times, the weather in the south is obvious, can be used alone?
50 grams of musk, or add the right amount of leaves to bathe, help to remove the body’s moisture.

  There are many Chinese medicine formulas for medicated baths, which vary from person to person due to illness.

Such as the use of white sandalwood, woody and other medicinal materials bath, detoxification and itching, uplifting spirit, and can dissolve, antihypertensive, antibacterial.

Bathing with simmering soup can make the skin smooth, prevent disease and anti-aging, and also reduce inflammation and swelling.

Bathing with calamus, chrysanthemum, and eucalyptus leaves can brighten the eyes, refresh the brain, eliminate heat, relieve heat, and prevent skin diseases.