[How long is pregnancy to supplement folic acid]_Early pregnancy_Best time

[How long is pregnancy to supplement folic acid]_Early pregnancy_Best time

Folic acid is a substance that must be added during pregnancy. It can prevent complications and development of deformities. Generally, it is taken at the beginning of pregnancy and can not be stopped until the second trimester. During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the lack of folic acid willLeading to the development of neural tube defects in the fetus will cause anemia in pregnant women, so pregnant women should eat more foods supplemented with folic acid during pregnancy.

How long pregnant can supplement folic acid, children who do not eat folic acid may be deformed. This is a 100% guarantee that the child will not deform.

So try to avoid this risk.

Folic acid is an incalculable nutrient for grain growth and development.

Folic acid deficiency in pregnant women may cause low birth weight, cleft lip and palate, and heart defects.

If you lack folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy, it can cause hypertensive neural tube developmental defects and cause deformities.

So what is the role of folic acid?

1. To prevent anemia in pregnant women, the body of pregnant women needs folic acid to make normal red blood cells.

Surveys show that anemia in women of childbearing age in China is an alternative disease.


Inadequate folic acid intake may also cause anemia in pregnant women.

2. Reduce the risk of birth defects in children. Taking folic acid tablets can prevent birth defects such as hypertension and congenital heart disease.

If a pregnant mother lacks folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy and has a congenital malformed spina bifida, the risk of a baby with no brain will increase by 2 to 8 times.

Inadequate folic acid supplementation can affect growth and development in early pregnancy, causing miscarriage or premature birth.

Pregnant mothers are prone to high blood pressure during pregnancy, increasing the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and ectopic pregnancy.

First of all, folic acid deficiency can’t be improved immediately after taking folic acid, usually it will obviously improve after taking it back.

As a result, the neural tube of voltage is formed in the first 4 weeks. If you find that you are pregnant and replenish folic acid, it may be too late, and the defect may have already occurred.

Of course, the standard is only a comprehensive consideration. Different people have different needs.

Women who have had a baby with a neural tube defect, or women in the family who have had a baby with a neural tube defect, may need to add more folic acid every day.

Others may not need folic acid at all, and some southerners who love vegetables.

[How to wash cherries to be clean]_How to wash_How to wash

[How to wash cherries to be clean]_How to wash_How to wash

On one head, compared with apples, pears and other fruits, the size of cherries is very small.

Moreover, when we go to the supermarket, we will find that many cherries are imported and the price is very high. There are not many cherries in this property, and the sales season is limited.

Cherries taste sour and sweet, very appetizing, and will be better after meals.

I want to eat cherries.

How should we wash to be clean?

Cherry is a general name for some prunus plants, including subgenus cherry, subgenus sour cherry, subgenus osmanthus and so on.

Arbor, 2-6 meters high, bark gray.

Branchlets gray-brown, twigs green, glabrous or sparsely pilose.

Winter buds ovate, glabrous.

Cherries are fruit trees that love light, temperature, humidity, and fat, and are suitable for growing under the climatic conditions of an average annual temperature of 10-12 ° C, an annual cumulative amount of 600-700mm, and annual sunshine hours of 2600-2800h.

The time when the average daily temperature is higher than 10 ℃ is 150-200d, and the place where the extreme minimum temperature in winter is not lower than -20 ℃ can grow well, and the result is normal.

If there is local frost damage, the cherry orchard alternates slowly on the northwest slope where the temperature rises slowly in spring and the air is flowing.

Considering that the cherry root distribution is shallow and windy, it is advisable that the garden is in an infinite wind damage area. The soil is loose and the sandy loam is deep.

Cherries in the world are mainly distributed in the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe and other places. The main producing areas of China are Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan.

There are three general methods for washing cherries, edible salt washing, edible alkali washing, and vinegar soaking.

Either way, it is best to unplug the cherry stem.

1. The first edible salt washing method: first wash away the dirt and other dirty things on the surface of the cherry with running water, and then soak the cherry with water for 5 minutes; then add a suitable amount of salt with water in the basin (the amount of water must not exceed all cherries),Stir evenly, the water will bring a little salty taste; soak the washed cherries in the brine for about 15 minutes, and then rinse with running water for one or two times before serving.

2. The second edible alkali cleaning method: first soak the cherries with water for 5 minutes (the amount of water has not exceeded all cherries); then mix the same amount of water with the appropriate amount of edible alkali and soak the cherries for about 15 minutes; take out the soaked cherriesRinse twice under running water, rinse with cold water and serve immediately.

3. The third method of vinegar soaking: first rinse off the dust and other impurities on the surface of the cherry with water; then use a pot of water (not more than all cherries) to mix an appropriate amount of vinegar (white vinegar is preferred), and soak the cherry for about 10 minutes;Finally, rinse the cherries with running water.

[Dried ginger is dried with ginger]_ making method _ making process

[Dried ginger is dried with ginger]_ making method _ making process

I believe everyone knows the difference between ginger and ginger. Dried ginger does not need to be cultivated through soil. One head is relatively small. Ginger is prepared from soil and the ginger can only be cultivated continuouslyTherefore, for ginger and dried ginger, the production methods of the two are different, and their forms are also different. The key ginger and dried ginger have different medicinal values. You can find out.

Ginger is a fresh rhizome of the ginger family Ginger.

Excavation in the autumn and winter seasons to remove fibrous roots and sediment.

[Sexual flavor and guijing]Xin, lukewarm.

Return to the lungs, spleen and stomach.

[Functions and Indications]Dispel the cold, relieve vomiting, relieve phlegm and cough, and relieve fish and crab poison.

For colds, colds, vomiting, cold phlegm cough, fish and crab poisoning.

[Usage and use]3?


Dried ginger is a dried rhizome of the ginger family Ginger.

When the stems and leaves of ginger are withered in winter, excavate to remove fibrous roots and silt, and dry or low temperature.

Those that are freshly sliced or dried at low temperature are called “dried ginger slices”.

[Sexual flavor and guijing]Xin, hot.

Return to the spleen, stomach, kidney, heart, and lungs.

[Functions and Indications]Dispersing cold in the middle temperature, Huiyang Tongmai, Wenfeihuayin.

It is used for cold pain in the abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea, slight cold pulse in the limbs, and cold cough.

[Usage and dosage]3?


Different cultivation methods have created different traditional Chinese medicine flavors and effects of ginger and dried ginger.

During the cultivation of ginger, it takes three days and two heads to soil it and bury it. Because it is a rhizome and the rhizome has a tendency to light, the more it is buried, the longer the ginger grows to get sunlight, the consequence is that the more gingerThe longer the longer, the longer the nominal.

We went to the life market to buy ginger. The kind of fresh ginger was very large, and the fiber inside was very small, very tender and brittle, and it shrank in the sun.

Unlike dried ginger, dried ginger does not cultivate soil during the cultivation process, so it is smaller in size, piled up on the ground, and precipitated like this. It is less heavy and does not shrink even when exposed to the sun.

Dried ginger is hot and dry, mainly enters the spleen and stomach and grows longer than warm and cold. It is the main medicine for warming the spleen and stomach. It is mostly used with Codonopsis and Atractylodes for the treatment of spleen and stomach deficiency and coldness.Galangal ginger is used to treat cold and vomiting in the stomach; the “Sini Decoction” which has the effect of keeping the middle of the heat and replenishing the pulse of the Yang is to use the aconite and dried ginger for the purpose.

In terms of efficacy, the biggest difference between ginger and dried ginger is that ginger is used to show evidence of wind chills, dried ginger is not used to solve the problem, but mainly used to treat heart yang deficiency.

Ginger spreads wind and cold, stops vomiting while warming, relieves lungs and coughs, and detoxifies fish and crabs; Dried ginger disperses colds at warm temperatures, returns to the sun, and warms lungs to dispel colds.

[Proportion of bamboo charcoal powder]_bamboo charcoal powder_ 馍 馍 _how to do

[Proportion of bamboo charcoal powder]_bamboo charcoal powder_ 馍 馍 _how to do

When making steamed buns, add some edible bamboo charcoal powder to make the steamed buns softer and more delicious. It is suitable for many people. It should be noted that the amount of bamboo charcoal powder should not be too much. Generally, about 10 grams is fine.Too much will actually affect the taste, but also not good for digestion and absorption.

1. Bamboo charcoal crust material: 150 grams of whole eggs, 180 grams of low-gluten flour, 5 grams of bamboo charcoal powder, 60 grams of granulated sugar, 45 grams of honey, 2 grams of baking soda, 5 grams of water, and 20 grams of salad oil.

Mix the bamboo charcoal powder and fine sugar evenly.


Pour the whole eggs into a steel bowl to fully break them, and then pour the powder from Method 1, and continue to beat in the same direction until the egg liquid is slightly lighter and slightly loose.


Pour the honey into the ingredients of Method 2 and stir well, then pour in baking soda and mix thoroughly with water.


Sift the low-gluten flour, add it to the ingredients in Method 3, and use a rubber spatula to stir in the same direction to form noodles. Add salad oil and mix well, seal with plastic wrap, and freeze for at least 15 minutes.


Heat the pan to about 160 ° C. Use a large tablespoon to dig out an appropriate amount of noodles from Method 4. Pour into the pan and make a round shape. Slowly fry over low heat.


When small bubbles appear uniformly on the surface of the crust of Method 5, turn over and continue to fry for about 5 seconds, then pop out and place on a rack to dissipate heat here.

Second, almond bamboo charcoal cookie material flour 100 grams, low-gluten flour 150 grams, bamboo charcoal powder 2 grams, large almonds 40, milk powder 25 grams, powdered sugar 50 grams, whole eggs 30 grams, baking powder 1/4 teaspoon, salt1/4 tsp. Of vanilla extract.

The butter is softened and cut into small pieces. Add the powdered sugar and stir with a spatula until there is no dry powder. Then use an electric mixer to lighten the color 2.

Add vanilla extract and stir well 3.

Add whole eggs in portions. Beat each time with a blender until it is completely blended before continuing to add 4.

Low powder, milk powder, baking powder, bamboo charcoal powder are mixed together and sieved into the paste 5.

Cut and mix the assortment into the paste first, and then mix it with a spatula, knead it into a ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes6.

Take out the dough after refrigerating and divide it into several small pieces of 10 g / piece.

After kneading into a circle, press a large almond on top and place it in a baking dish 7.

Preheat the oven at 165 degrees. The middle layer can be used in about 25 minutes. The bamboo charcoal egg roll material is 151 grams of low-gluten flour and vanilla powder is 0.

3 grams, bamboo charcoal powder 10 grams, anhydrous cream 182 grams, fine sugar 302 grams, salt 0.

7 grams, 363 grams of whole eggs

Sift low flour, vanilla powder and bamboo charcoal powder together.


Mix the anhydrous cream, granulated sugar and salt, then add the whole egg slowly and stir well.


Add the low-gluten flour of Method 1 to Method 2, mix the vanilla powder and bamboo charcoal powder and let stand for about 15 minutes. This is the bamboo charcoal egg rolls.


Take the egg roll mold, heat the pan over low heat, and then gently wipe the pan surface with a small amount of olive oil to stabilize the temperature.


Put about 50 grams on the egg roll mold. 3 Bamboo charcoal egg rolls. Cover the lid for about 20 seconds, turn the pan surface for another 10 seconds, turn it back and bake for 20 seconds.Roll up the egg rolls to complete a bamboo charcoal egg roll.


Clean the surface of the pot with a clean rag to prevent residual slag. Repeat step 5 until the bamboo charcoal rolls are used up.

[What seasoning do stew pork]_ practice _ practice Daquan

[What seasoning do stew pork]_ practice _ practice Daquan

For pork as an ingredient, many people do not only fry and fry, then stew.

If you want pork to be delicious, you must have all kinds of spices.

Many families have their own methods of fragrance.

However, many families have found that although they use a lot of seasonings, they don’t feel the taste of pork, and even have a lot of fishy smell.

So, what seasoning does stew pork have?

1. Do you put peppercorns in stewed pork? “Pigs don’t pepper, sheep don’t expect” Although this sentence is old, not many people really know it, including many Zhiming chefs who don’t know that there is an old saying, someThe chef directly thinks that this sentence is wrong. In fact, this is not unreasonable, because some Sichuan dishes also include the pepper pepper meat.

Do you put peppercorns for stewed pork? In fact, the old saying “pigs don’t make peppers and sheep don’t expect” is not unreasonable, even very reasonable, but it refers specifically to stewed meat.

Do you know how the famous Dongpo meat is made?

Not only don’t put peppercorns, not even aniseeds and cinnamon, you just need to “slow the fire, less water, it is beautiful when the fire is full”.

Many people have also verified the phrase “pigs don’t pepper”, and deliberately put some peppercorns in the stew. As a result, the stewed pork is indeed inferior. The lean meat also chews wax with the meat.The fragrance has disappeared a lot.

There can be exceptions to the use of peppercorns in stewed pork. In some wild pork, you can put peppercorns in it when you stew them. It will not affect the taste and aroma of wild pork.

2. Tips for stewing pork 2.

1, large pieces of good taste: the ingredients will become soft and rotten after braised or stewed, so the main ingredients should not be cut too small, to avoid the braised or stewed to become mushy, this will not only affect the taste, but also affect the appearance.

The main ingredients should be cut into large pieces, and the side dishes should be shaped according to their needs.


2, scalding to keep freshness: scalding can remove the impurities on the surface of the ingredients, and can make the surface of the ingredients solidify first, so the umami or stew will not lose the umami.

In addition, the ingredients are first blanched and blanched to half-cooked or full-cooked, and then braised or stewed, which can save a lot of time.


3, add water to cook until the taste: when halogen or stewed, be sure to add water to cook the taste into the ingredients.

Add plenty of water to stew or stew, and cook until the soup is dry, so that the ingredients will absorb the delicious taste of the soup, and it will have a soft and juicy taste.

[When to drink milk grow long]_milk_increase_how to drink

[When to drink milk grow long]_milk_increase_how to drink

Milk contains a lot of calcium, protein and other nutrients needed by the human body, these nutrients can also help increase the elements, so we recommend that friends who want to grow taller can usually drink some milk, which is also very good for the bodyMight help.


Calcium supplementation before bedtime can provide a source of calcium for the vigorous calcium metabolism at night, avoid the use of calcium stored in human bones, and delay bone aging; and calcium has a sedative effect. Drinking milk at night not only supplements calcium, but also helps sleep.


In many people’s recipes, milk is the perfect choice for breakfast.

They believe that drinking a cup of milk in the morning can not only ensure the replacement of protein, but also supplement calcium, and delay bone aging; fresh milk may contain bacteria, and it takes longer to cook before you can rest assured.


Wen Jianmin, director of the Second Department of Orthopedics, Wangjing Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that people should correct the misunderstandings in calcium supplementation.

Milk contains essential proteins, traces, various vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, and iodine, as well as active ingredients such as phospholipids, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, inositol, and orotic acid.Health is very beneficial.

However, not everyone drinks milk.

For example, some people are worried about germs in fresh milk and are used to cooking and drinking.

“This is correct, but it should not take too long.

Wen Jianmin said that when the milk is heated, it is better to stop the fire immediately after boiling. If it is cooked for a long time, it will cause the nutritional value of the milk to decline, especially the vitamin content will be greatly lost.


Milk contains a large amount of calcium, and it is relatively easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body. It may be great for bone development in children and delay bone aging in the elderly.

Wen Jianmin also added calcium through this method.

However, he did not drink milk in the morning or an hour or two before going to sleep at night.

He said that calcium supplementation before going to bed can provide a source of calcium for the vigorous calcium metabolism at night, avoid the use of calcium stored in human bones, and delay bone aging; and calcium also has a sedative effect. Drinking milk at night not only supplements calcium, but also helpsSleep.
Calcium supplementation is not as good as possible.

This involves an absorption issue.

He suggested that people should take some drugs that inhibit osteoclasts and promote calcium absorption, such as sodium alendronate and vitamin D, while supplementing calcium; they can also supplement some trace elements, vitamin K, vitamin B, protein, etc .; do not take it oftenCarbonated drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages that are harmful to the bones.


Calcium is a trace element required for normal growth and development of the human body. Children with calcium deficiency can cause abnormal calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body. Calcium cannot normally settle on the growth part of bones, resulting in bone development abnormalities.

Reason: 1.

The main causes of calcium deficiency in children are malabsorption due to congenital degenerative diseases, lack of breast milk replacement or a short period of time, and the subsequent generation of sunlight exposure. This disease mostly occurs during the growth and development of children, so parents are raising them.Observe your child carefully and discover the cause in time.


Children grow fast and need more vitamin D, so you must insist on breast milk replacement during infancy. This is the best way to supplement calcium. Even if you stop breast milk replacement for various reasons, you must stick to milk because calcium is rich in calcium.Vitamin D is fortified. If you can drink 400 ml of milk every day, you can ensure the calcium and vitamin D that your child needs for growth and development.


In addition, after drinking milk, you must often go outdoors to bask in the sun, so as to facilitate the conversion and absorption of calcium in children’s bodies.

If the calcium deficiency is serious, the parents who have the conditions should also give the child oral cod liver oil treatment.

Of course, if too much vitamin D can cause children to be short or stunted, parents should pay attention to observe whether their children have high calcium, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, irritability, and even hematuria.Calcification of tissues and organs. This condition indicates that the child has developed vitamin D.

[How to make Wuzhen cuisine]_Home cooking of Wuzhen cuisine_Wuzhen cuisine practice Daquan_How to make Wuzhen cuisine

[How to make Wuzhen cuisine]_Home cooking of Wuzhen cuisine_Wuzhen cuisine practice Daquan_How to make Wuzhen cuisine

We like to call him “food”. Of course, food is loyal to food. Many foods enjoy food, and of course, they are also very attractive for food production.

Today I will meet the requirements of the foodie, and introduce the method of making five precious dishes.


Peel lotus root and cut into pieces, then cut in half; 2.

12 mushroom slices; 3.

21 carrot slices 4.

1 Wash asparagus and cut into two pieces; 5,

2 yam roasted on the fire and peeled and cut into slices;

6. Heat the pan with cold oil, add garlic and ginger to stir-fry; 7.

Add carrots and stir fry for about one minute; 8.

Add yam, mushrooms and sepals; 9.

Add half a bowl of water to boil; 10.

Add asparagus and black fungus; 11.

Hook after cooking again and drizzle with sesame oil to get out of the pot.

Maybe you have never been to the kitchen, but after reading the introduction of Wuzhen dishes, you definitely want to try it yourself, so hurry up.

[4 differences between men and women after the first night]

[4 differences between men and women after the first night]

The first night is an important moment in the lives of men and women.

Many men and women will experience the first time, the difference is earlier or later.

The first night is sooner or later, nothing fussing.

But after really experiencing the beginning of the night, even if it’s lightly spoken, it will always have an unforgettable heart that you only understand.

But the psychological differences between men and women after the first night are still very obvious. How much do you know?

Expectation is particularly strange, and boys don’t even want to be good.

It doesn’t matter if you lose yourself to a woman who loves or doesn’t.

The idea that girls want to leave their first time to a future husband is not the case.

As a result, the boy who lost his life achieved his wish; the girl who fell behind was sad and sad.

It doesn’t matter if you lose yourself to a man who loves it or not.

Boys are proud not to be virgins, but girls are proud to be virgins.


[I did not expect that naked sleeping would have such special effects]

[I did not expect that naked sleeping would have such special effects]

Many people find naked sleeping to be embarrassing. In fact, comfort is a human instinct. As long as it is for comfort and health, it is reasonable to dress and undress.

Modern people have a fast pace of life, and daily sleep becomes an important moment to restore physical fitness and ensure health.

After a busy day, undressing and sleeping are conducive to the circulation of qi and blood, so that the yang in the body can stretch and reach.

If you sleep with clothes, especially wearing more fashionable tight underwear, it may affect the qi and blood circulation, suppress the yang, and have no discrimination against sexual function.

There is a kind of unrestrained liberty in naked sleep. Studies have shown that it has obvious curative effect on the treatment of tension disorders. It is also effective for men’s sexual dysfunction due to worry and tension.


[Men come here every two months]

[Men come here every two months]

In the traditional concept, “legacy leave” is only available to women. It is a woman’s patent, but this is not the case. Men also have regular leave.

When men come to “regular vacation”, they will be emotional or irritable just like women . These women must understand and be able to understand.

When a man comes to “regular vacation”, he must take the initiative to care for and care for him.

Of course, men’s “regular vacation” is of course. From a biological perspective, it is impossible for men to come to “regular vacation”.

However, a man would like a woman to take a vacation every certain specific acceleration. There is a change in mood and physical discomfort. It is medically known as a male “low tide” phenomenon and a male “normal vacation”.

This is indeed a biological rhythm change, the result of changes in male hormone levels.

The period of “normal vacation” for men is generally about two months. Among middle-aged men over 30 years old, more than half of them will experience a “normal vacation” in about two months.