Husband’s three more fattening method

Husband’s “three more” fattening method

Husband is a thin man, one meter eight, weighing only 60 kilograms.
This proportion is obviously too thin.
A woman is slim and beautiful.
If a man is too slim, it will not only look bad, but it will also affect health.
  The reason why her husband is so thin, listen to him, mainly because of childhood, caused by illness, just like the foundation of the tree is not good, and will not grow into a towering tree in the future.
Parents often sigh “Quiet, eat so many things, it is not long meat.”
Husband is also too thin and troubled. When buying clothes, the salesperson gives the husband a waist.
Husband pointed at my waist and said to the salesperson: “No need to worry, her waist is the standard.”
The sales clerk smiled and said: “Sir, you are slim.”
When I came back, my husband said to me: “I don’t know if the salesperson said that it is to boast me or damage me. It seems that I really want to gain weight.
“It is easy to lose weight, and it is a little difficult to gain weight.”
How can I gain weight?
To this end, the husband specifically inquired about the secret recipe of fattening on the Internet.
Three methods were summarized to increase fat.
” Eat more, sleep more, exercise more.”
The husband plays the “three more” fattening method.
I am required to strictly supervise and strive for the success of early fattening.
  In order to gain weight, he is specially added to his nutrition.
I heard that eating more meat can make you fat.
As a result, various meat foods took turns to bomb the stomach of her husband.
Sometimes, I also eat supper at night.
After eating for a few months, he was able to eat it straight, but he didn’t see any effect.
I don’t know where these nutrients have gone.
This trick failed.
  I love watching TV when I am fair, I like to read books at night, and I sleep very late.
Now, it is stipulated that you go to bed at eight o’clock every night and do not allow staying up late
He also obeyed and slept very well.
After a long time, the effect did not reach, but it developed a habit of sleeping late.
Often the sun is on the butt, and he is still asleep.
Picking him up, he also begged: “Wife, do well, let me sleep for a while.
“This move failed again.
  Now there is only one last move left, forcing him to exercise.
He is a very afraid of sports, but now he is serious about moving on time every day.
Do sit-ups, lift dumbbells, and run.
After three months, the same effect did not work.
I will not ask him: “Do you have never been fat?”
Husband said: “There was a period of fat, it was working outside, thinking home is fat.
“”gosh!There is such a thing, and now he can’t get him alone to make him home.”

  We are both discouraged.

I also want to understand, thin and thin!

As long as the body is not sick, why bother it!

Under this day, there are more people!

Still letting it go, maybe, someday, my husband likes to eat the April fat, suddenly become a big fat man!

Therefore, we formally announced the cancellation of the “three more” fattening law.

The second game of the first healthy angel art competition in Jinsha Lake Scenic Area

The second game of the first healthy angel art competition in Jinsha Lake Scenic Area

In order to enrich the spiritual, cultural and artistic life of the middle-aged and the elderly, vigorously promote cultural health, develop the health care industry, and inspire more people to better realize that the middle-aged and the elderly are old-fashioned, old-fashioned, and old-fashioned.”To be old, to be happy, to make a difference” to build a healthy and harmonious platform, the first “Healthy Angel” art competition, on October 16, 2018, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, inThe second game was held in Jinsha Lake Scenic Area in Nanning.

The second game was organized by the Middle-aged and Old-age Health Care Club, Beijing Wude Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Guangxi Anti-Aging Science and Technology Society, Guangxi Lewanjia Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Shixi Village, Shijie Street, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City.Committee, Nanning Renpu ENT Hospital, Nanning City Renpu Pension Center and other units as a support unit, from Guangxi Nanning Wang Xiang Ting Trading Co., Ltd., Guangxi Health Alliance Art Troupe as the organizer, Jinsha Lake Tourism Scenic Area, Guangxi FireFenghe Technology Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangxi Nanning Deyi Kaihui Education Consulting Co., Ltd., Nanning Rongfu Beauty and Beauty Club and other units as co-organizers jointly organized and replaced the media for reporting.

The significance of this competition is to promote green health, cultural friendship, happy old-age, “healthy angels” community charity, medical health culture into the community, medical support and service station into the community, more grounded to help some people in needSolve health problems, healthy and harmonious.

At the scene of the competition, I was fortunate to invite Su Xuguang, Dean of Beijing Wude Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vice President He Weisheng of the Southern Renpu Hospital, and Secretary-General Liang Qicheng of Guangxi Anti-Aging Science and Technology Society and other leaders to visit the site for guidance.The leading units respectively awarded the award card and multi-year cooperation strategy agreement for the middle-aged and elderly health care clubs.

Initially fully support the activities of the middle-aged and old-age health clubs, through multi-party resources docking, work together, work together to create, share, and win-win, and use health concepts in a cultural form to participate more effectively and more pragmatically in communities and better serveAnd help more people who need help.

At this event, the contestants of the participating art troupes were not willing to show weakness, all of them were passionate, expressing their voices with their singing and dancing, expressing their determination to support this competition and expressing their willingness toIn response to the call of “Implementing a Healthy China Strategy”, we are willing to make our own contribution together with the competition!

Mr. Long Jie, the founder of the middle-aged and elderly health care club, and Su Xuguang, the dean of the Beijing Wude Chinese Medicine Research Institute, were interviewed by the media. At the event, the Guangxi Health Alliance Art Troupe, the founder of the middle-aged and elderly health club, Mr. Long Jie was interviewed by the media reporter.Zhongdi said that the Guangxi Health Alliance Art Troupe, the middle-aged and old-age health club has been supported by leaders from all walks of life since its inception. It has always been “you are healthy, I am happy” and is determined to build a healthy and harmonious health platform for the elderly.
The first “Healthy Angels” Art Competition will be held in the beautiful Jinsha Lake Cultural Health Base in Nanning. The “Healthy Angels” Cultural Health Art Festival will be held around 8 months of the year. In order to cooperate with the promotion of the festival, the organizing committee plans toIn August, the “Healthy Angels” selection contest and culture into the community charity activities were launched. At the same time, 100 communities were sung to sing socialist core values, organize love entrepreneurs to sympathize with the work of the community literary and elderly people, and gradually promote the depth of propaganda and art.The place will promote the medical culture, the combination of medical care and service stations to the community, and build a large stage for the elderly.

The “Healthy Angels” art competition will not only become a carrier of heritage culture and art, but also the best platform for disseminating new trends in social morality.

After four years of precipitation, the Guangxi Health League Art Troupe has become a city, and with the support of leaders, enterprises, media and senior artists from all walks of life, it has once again set sail.

Since the establishment of the Guangxi Health League Art Troupe, the Middle-aged and Old-age Health Care Club has more than 200 teams. The competition has received strong support from leaders from all walks of life and has been able to carry out antiques smoothly. The contest will be delivered by the torch.In the way of the transfer, Mr. Long Jie hopes that through this art competition, he can appeal to more community leaders, caring people, entrepreneurs, join the cause of “national health”, and use his true feelings and enthusiasm to “The health concept of “You are healthy, I am happy” is brought to thousands of households, and truly creates a healthy and harmonious platform for the middle-aged and the elderly to “have a good old age, make a difference, and achieve success”.