Traveling to the old-style housing estates in Macau to eat stalls

Traveling to the old-style housing estates in Macau to eat stalls

People who are not familiar with Macau only know that she is “Monte Carlo in the East”. Many people who have been to Macau have only known her.

  If you don’t go to Macau, it is a very bad thing.

  Macao’s dining is colorful, just like the culture of Macao. In the 400 years since the first Portuguese arrived on the Chinese coast, this small peninsula in the Pearl River Estuary, where the East and West cultures collide, has formed a lot.A unique culture.

  In the elegant restaurant of the five-star hotel, on the narrow cobbled streets, in the seaside village, on the hills of the village, a variety of Chinese and Western food snacks are rich, people can not help but the index finger moves.

  A wine list thick like a phone book should eat the most upscale Western food, of course, the French restaurant in Lisboa.

It is held three times a year, and it is said that it is scheduled to be booked three months in advance.

March is a large meal of black pine fungus, November is a large meal of white pine, and in June there is no theme.

It is said that this black pine fungus and white pine fungus are the “sashimi abalone” in the French feast, and the chef is the top French culinary master.

The French restaurant has a limited number of tables and the price is not cheap, but Hong Kong and Macao’s “old man” tends to be awkward.

  The wine list in the restaurant is a thick one.

People who like wine, especially those who love red wine, will be ecstatic if they get there – more than 2000 wines, French, the rest of the world, the year from 145 years ago until recentlyIn a few years, the price ranged from tens of thousands to several months.

Almost every wine price currently has a famous rating and a fixed star rating.

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  African Spice Local Cuisine Macau has a famous dish called “African Chicken”.

It is said that when the Portuguese sailed all the way, they brought along the African spices along the way, Indian spices, Southeast Asian spices, such as curry, Yugui, etc., combined with the cooking of Guangdong, formed a unique “Macau local dish”.
Although this “Macau local dish” has some shadows of traditional Portuguese cuisine, the materials, cooking techniques and dishes are influenced by Cantonese cuisine.

“African chicken”, “spicy prawn” and other famous dishes, good color and flavor, must be tasted in Macau.

  The riverside new street of Macao’s main island, Nanwan Street, the front of the Senate Pavilion and the West Bay Republic Road, the official street of Taipa, and the black sand beach near the road, all have good Macao local dishes and Portuguese restaurants.The style of Ma Jiexi is naturally “authentic Portuguese flavor”.

The main cooking method of Portuguese cuisine is 0, 烩, roast and stir-fry. The biggest feature is salty and strong.

Almost every Macao person will tell you that the most famous Portuguese dish is called Ma Jiexiu, which is marinated squid. It is said that there are many kinds of cooking methods.

After “Ma Jiexiu”, it is an important part of the Portuguese cuisine, the hibiscus, the Portuguese sweet rice is one of the “famous”.

  The street of Southeast Asian cuisine, Guanyin Street of Taipa Island and Banyantang Street of Macao Island, has a reputation as “food street”.

There are gatherings of Southeast Asian-style restaurants in developing countries.

There are Indian, Vietnamese, and Burmese dishes.

The Dutch Garden Second Road is also listed as “Thai Street”, where there are many Thai restaurants.

It is said that the Burmese cuisine is made by the returned overseas Chinese in Myanmar; the Thai food is because there are many Thais working in Macau, and there are Thai restaurants in their settlements.

  The European reclamation in the new reclamation area is on the beach not far from Lisboa.

This Guanyin statue is sculptured by Portuguese artists. It is different from the familiar Guanyin image. It is the oriental goddess in the eyes of Europeans. Like a Cantonese girl, she has a low head and arms, and her robes are light.

  The square block of the new reclamation area facing Guanyin is a new leisure place in Macau. It is a private open-air cafe, restaurant and bar with international cuisine.

The name of the street is also full of European atmosphere, such as London Street, Paris Street, Roman Street and so on.

  The old-style housing village is the nearest island in Macau. Near the nearest island, the waterfront of Zhuhai Hengqin Island is across the water, and the old-style fishing village is everywhere. The atmosphere is quite peaceful.

It is said that Hong Kong people like it very much. Some film and television dramas also use this as a location because they are quite nostalgic.

  Walk through a quiet and winding old street with a small church and a small square in front of the church.

Under the old banyan trees on both sides of the square, there are two rows of stalls, near the water, and some restaurants.

The seafood and home-cooked Cantonese dishes are quite cheap.

Like a quiet person, drink a beer here, blowing the sea breeze, do not have a sentimental.

  Snacks “Hand Letters” are sent to friends and relatives in the small streets and alleys of Macao. They often see posters with the words “hand letters”. Customers who come out from them often carry a bag of very beautiful things.

One question, “hand letter” is the meaning of gifts, snacks and gifts, and I don’t know the words of these two words.
  Macao’s snacks are very authentic, very distinctive, egg tarts, macaroons, egg rolls, peanut candy, meat chop, etc., made exquisite.
In Xinma Road, Fulong New Street, Qingpingzhi Street, Guanye Street, there are many small shops selling all kinds of snacks, some are made now, and the fragrance from the store can be smelled far away.

Packed in a beautiful carton paper bag, it is very good to bring home and give gifts to relatives and friends.

These foods are natural intermediate scavengers!

These foods are natural intermediate scavengers!

Youth loves acne on fire, afraid of bad breath, nothing to do, it’s a secret, and it’s a must-have. Now people’s work life is always busy, fast, old, late, love, worry, unconscious, too much physical burden, causing many people’s health problems.For us, it is more important than good food to detoxify the intermediates.

Kelp: The “accelerator” of peristalsis.
Kelp can effectively treat endemic goiter, and has preventive and auxiliary therapeutic effects on hypertension, arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

In terms of detoxification, kelp is the “accelerator” of bowel movements.

The kelp is alkaline, which promotes the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood and helps the laxative.

Moreover, the universe is low and the precipitation fibers are abundant, which can accelerate the inherent movement.

The best way to eat kelp is to steam, so that it does not destroy the minerals in the kelp, but also effectively increase bowel movements.


Spinach: Intestinal heat poisoning “cleaning” spinach can cleanse the heat and poison in the human stomach, suspicious constipation, make people radiant, known as the “clean up workers” of gastrointestinal heat.

Spinach leaves contain a vitamin to keep blood sugar stable; spinach vegetables multivitamins can prevent angular cheilitis, night blindness; spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants, anti-aging, promote cell reproduction, can activate the brainFunction, which can enhance youthful vitality and prevent brain aging.


Rough rice: The plumber’s “plumber” coarse rice is richer in vitamins, minerals and accumulated fiber than white rice, so a small amount of rice has always been a healthy food.

The crude rice is rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, which can promote blood circulation. The source continuously delivers energy to the body, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body, prevent constipation and intestinal cancer, and is known as the “plumber worker” in the body.
Food Method: You can eat the raw rice porridge.


Honey: “Nourishing liquid” of the gastrointestinal tract; magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients in honey can regulate the nervous system, and can also provide a good rest environment for the body, so that the intermediate “and the color of the color” is known as the gastrointestinalThe “beauty liquid” of the road.

Take a spoonful of honey soaked in water to achieve the effect of moisturizing and beauty.


Yogurt: Intestinal-powered “additive” yoghurt supplemented with lactic acid bacteria can maintain the ecological balance of the flora in the body, form a biological barrier, inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria by interaction; lactic acid bacteria will produce a large number of short-chain fatty acids to promote metabolic kinetics, thus preventing constipation,It is known as the “additive” of intestinal motility; the various enzymes contained in yogurt can also help the body to better digest and absorb the nutrients in milk.

Drinking a cup of yogurt between meals can balance the intestinal flora and promote initial digestion and decomposition.

These fruits help you clear the bowel.

Apple apples contain metabolic fibers, which are estimated to be good for gastrointestinal motility and help detoxification.

Apple contains pectin, pectin will become sticky after decomposition in the body, which has the effect of activating the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, promoting bowel defecation, and pectin can also promote the discharge of lead, mercury and manganese in the stomach.Regulate blood sugar levels in the body, calcium and potassium in apples can prevent edema.


Strawberry and apple, strawberry contains pectin and rich fiber, but strawberry vitamin C content is high, about ten times that of apple, rich cellulose can promote peristalsis, help digestion, smooth stool, prevent hemorrhoids, intestinal cancer.

It also has a good effect on regulating human plasma and adult content.

Strawberry contains a substance called aspartic acid, which can naturally remove the “slag” in the body. It has the function of detoxifying and nourishing the skin, so it is also called “slim fruit”.


Kiwifruit is considered to be the fruit with the highest nutrient density, and the vitamins and amino acids required by the human body, the VC content of the fruit also contains chlorophyll when it is first mature, and is known as the “king of Chinese fruit.”

Contains excessive amounts of precipitated fibers and oligosaccharides, proteolytic enzymes.

It can help the human body to digest, absorb and take away many harmful substances inside and greasy a small amount, quickly remove harmful metabolites accumulated in the body, prevent, prevent constipation, transplant cancer and arteriosclerosis.


Lemon lemon is one of the world’s medicinal fruits. It is supplemented with vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high potassium and low sodium, as well as coumarins, sitosterols, volatile oils, etc.It can promote the secretion of proteolytic enzymes in the stomach, increase the peristalsis of plasma, help digestion and absorption and lose weight.

Lemon raw food also has good analgesic and vomiting effects, so lemon is a fruit suitable for women.


Pineapple pineapple contains almost all the vitamins needed by the human body, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption.

Rich pineapple juice can decompose protein and effectively dissolve impurities. Because the excess fiber volume is reduced, the adsorption is good, and it can take away excess traces and other harmful substances inside. It is an excellent choice for healthy weight loss body.

First-class detox tea 1.

3-5 pieces of Chen Pi Umepu 洱 Chenpi, 1 ebony, 1 capsule of Chrysanthemum Pu’er.
Wash the tangerine peel and ebony, peel off the tangerine peel, cut the ebony or squash, add 500ml of boiling water to the tea bag, turn the brown color into yellow, then add the tangerine peel and ebony to cover it, and simmer for about 5-7 minutes.
Chenpi promotes digestive digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to stop abdominal pain, relieves abdominal distension, and the acidity of ebony and dried tangerine peel can promote salivation, help quench the thirst, and improve dry nose and mouth.


Hawthorn tangerine peel cassia cassia 10 grams, 6 grams of hawthorn, tangerine peel, 2 pieces of licorice.

Wash the tangerine peel and hawthorn, and peel off the small pieces, add 500ml of boiling water to the tea bag, then add the tangerine peel and hawthorn to wash for about 5 minutes.

Cassia is a laxative, hawthorn helps to lower blood fat, help digestion, dried tangerine peel to eliminate abdominal distension, licorice can drink sweet tea, and can protect the stomach.


Lotus leaf barley corn mustard, dry lotus leaf, coix seed each prepared 5g.

All materials are boiled in 500 ml of water.

Corn has a diuretic effect and can increase chloride emissions.

The dry lotus leaf has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat and diuresis.

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