ESPN coach rankings: Popo topped the old fish bottom Scott

ESPN coach rankings: Popo topped the old fish bottom Scott
On March 27th, Beijing time, the 2014-15 season NBA regular season is coming to an end. ESPN has launched a series of selection lists.Following the previous management rankings and team decision-maker rankings, today the leader coach rankings were launched.Spurs coach Gregg Popovich tops the list, Hawks and Warriors coach Mike Budenhoser and Steve Cole rank second and third, and Rockets coach Kevin McHale ranks 14thThe Lakers coach Byron Scott ranked 29th.波波维奇是公认的联盟最佳教练  在ESPN这个的评分中,他们将球队的管理层分为老板、篮球事务决策者(总裁&总经理)和教练三个大项,并邀请专家团The three parts of each team are scored separately, with a score range of 0-10 points, and the importance of these three roles in the team is considered at the same time, and the team management is furtherThe current overall impact and future long-term success expectations.  In this year’s team coaching list, the Spurs’ Popovich became the leader and scored 9.A high score of 7 points.The following is the detailed ranking of the list:    1.Spurs: Greg Popovich (9.70 points)    2.Eagles: Mike Budenholzer (8.78 points)    3.Warriors: Steve Cole (8.39 points)    4.Mavericks: Rick Carlisle (8.22 points)    5.Bulls: Tom Hiberdo (7.87 points)    6.Heat: Eric Spoelstra (7.48 points)    7.Trail Blazers: Terry Stotts (7.17 points)    8.Clippers: Dock Rivers (7.13 points)    9.Celtics: Brad Stevens (7.04 points)    Pacers: Frank Vogel (7.04 points)    11.Grizzlies: Dave George (7.00 points)    12.Bucks: Jason Kidd (6.78 points)    13.Raptors: Dwyane Casey (6.74 points)    14.Rockets: Kevin McHale (6.39 points)    15.Sun: Jeff Hornacek (6.35 points)    16.King: George Karl (6.22 points)    17.Pistons: Stan Van Gundy (6.17 points) 18.Jazz: Quinn Snyder (6.00 points) 19.Cavaliers: David Blatter (5.83 points) 20.Thunder: Scott Brooks (5.52 points) 21.Hornets: Steve Clifford (5.35 points) 22.76ers: Brett Brown (5.26 points) 23.Nets: Lionel Hollins (4.91 points) 24.Pelicans: Monty Williams (4.78 points) 25.Timberwolves: Philip Sanders (4.65 points) 26.Wizards: Randy Whitman (4.26 points) 27.Magician: James Borrego (4.22 points) 28.Nuggets: Melvin Hunter (4.17 points) 29.Lakers: Byron Scott (3.04 points) 30.Knicks: Derrick Fisher (2.91 points) (Rosen)

The director of Sherlock on the Plains especially envy Wang Jiawei’s filming of willfulness

The director of “Sherlock on the Plains” especially envy Wang Jiawei’s filming of “willfulness”
“Sherlock on the Plains” (hereinafter referred to as “Sherlock”) was released on November 29, and the film scored 7 on the Douban website when it was continuously published.8 points.The actors in this film are all non-professional actors. The three starring uncles are farmers in Hebei. They have no high IQ protagonist halo, no high-tech equipment, and no modern detection methods. They can only use the most clumsy way to explore what happened to their friends step by step.The truth about the car accident.”Sherlock” is directed by newcomer director Xu Lei and won the best film text format for the FIRST Youth Film Festival.There are too many interesting details in the 100-minute movie. For example, the actor is the director ‘s father, the story of framing in Shenzhou, the sentiment between the brothers in the countryside . Sauna, exclusive interview with the movie director Xu Lei by Yewang, listen to him talk about “Sherlock”Behind the scenes of the production.The creation changed from a screenwriter and transferred his personal experience to the screen. “Detective Sherlock” is an ordinary old man from the rural village of Shenzhou, Hebei-Chaoying. When he turned over his new house, friends from the same village came to help, but among themShuhe was accidentally hospitalized in a car accident.In order to get justice for Shuhe River and to face huge medical expenses, Chaoying took his brother “Huasheng” to capture the meaning, locked three so-called suspects, and drove around the towns and villages in the North China Plain on an electric tricycleIn the meantime, embark on a journey to search for the fugitive.Their clumsy and contradictory persecution when investigating the case, and the various coincidences they encountered, all became the unbearable jokes in the story.It is true that this seemingly unreal plot is based on Xu Lei ‘s personal experience. Relatives were also hit in his hometown, and he was worried that once the police found that the perpetrator could not reimburse medical expenses, everyone unanimously decided to pursue the murder and solve the case.Last year was when Xu Lei was very suspicious. At that time, he was working as a screenwriter, “The work is done, but the film has a very long follow-up time, and it will not be released. No one knows that I am the screenwriter of that film, and no one looks for me.Continue to write movie scripts, the customers of the original commercials are also broken.I saw that I had saved some money, and I said that I could take a picture myself. It was not difficult to decide this.”The casting of all the amateurs scored goals, and the director’s mother persuaded her dad to star in Xu Lei to invest in her own money. She started writing the script in April. After nearly five months, the team took more than 30 people to complete the pre-shooting.The filming location was Xu Lei’s hometown of Hengshui, Hebei. The actors boldly used the all-human steps. The protagonist, Chao Ying, was the director’s father, Xu Chaoying.During the shooting process, Xu Lei found that professional actors could not imitate the performance traces no matter how they acted.So he simply modified the script so that ordinary people who had not received professional training would play the leading role.”I didn’t think that this movie was performed by professional actors at first, but after the filming, I think it was okay not to do that.Since I couldn’t find a particularly suitable and particularly good one, at least I had to find someone I would like to shoot him. Compared with those people, I still wanted to shoot my dad.I let him act in this play, he can leave a work.”Xu Lei recalled that when he first invited his father to star in, the other party refused,” he said that he was not free, because he had a small engineering team with a few friends, and every day he worked as a secretary. My mother then advised himParticipate, my mother’s heart is quite big, also said that you can’t sell this film, it’s okay to make a movie for your dad, he can see it when he is old.后来我爸决定出演,沉默不语,就是那种‘你让我拍我就拍了,你让我演我就演了’,不过他拍戏的过程中,总是一直在接各种电话,然后Arrange who will go to the construction site to do what, who will make sand and the like, in short, arrange his own work after shooting the scene.”The director’s father starred in the film’s protagonist Chao Ying.Shooting non-professional actors often reveals the transfer of non-professional actors. Xu Lei said that at any time, there may be creative sparks. For example, several actors are very talented and have a strong sense of the rhythm of the play. Although there are directorsTell them how to perform on the side, but the truth they reveal is strong enough. For example, the most impressed Zhanyi spit is punished. The funny and simple performance looks come from Zhanyi itself; for example, the filming of a donkey meat scene.At that time, Zhanyi was often NG, and the main creators confessed that “the intentional performance is not good”, because donkey meat wants to eat more bites; Zhanyi also countered Shuhe in order to smoke, and took a photo of the smoking scene in bedIn the afternoon, almost 17 cigarettes were smoked . Cows, horses, farmers, cottages, bricks, straw hats, cornfields, electric tricycles, plastic film raincoats, shirtless men, simple streetsidesThe shop, not paying attention to the beauty, only cares about the comfortable and simple wear, etc. all make the film have a very earthy country texture.Xu Lei said that many of the elements in the film come from observations in the countryside, “I particularly appreciate the rashness of farmers, some kind of convenience in sunflower fields, I heard that someone has done this in such a beautiful place, I thinkThese details are quite interesting.”Tips (the following are all dictated by Xu Lei) The title of the film was originally called” Dust Flying “. I originally wanted to shoot Chinese local affairs. I hope that the name will have the word” earth “in it, which is also a story of two people running around.With the feeling of being a servant, I later felt that the name was too literary and artistic, and it was not in line with the tonality of the local, so I wanted to change a more fun name.”Sherlock on the Plains” is a bit ridiculous. Some of us laugh at one person and often say that he is the husband and wife of the Chaoyang District, Mu Cong. And playing football will also say that this is Andingmen Messi, so he changed his name to Sherlock on the Plains.The fate of the film was hardly expected by the director to be expected to be sold to the movie channel, and I later learned that they would not accept dialect movies.In fact, I never thought that this movie could be shown on theaters. I thought that I might go to some film festivals. Winning a prize is another matter.In fact, I always think of things in the worst direction, and the worst is nothing more than practice, so I don’t think this is something that is desperately needed, nor is it to sell a house to lose money to make this movie.I do n’t have as much money as I can pay for a piece of brick a day, so it ‘s cheaper to shoot in my hometown.In addition to the male protagonist who is my father, there are many relatives, friends, brothers to help, like my mother who also guested a few times in Shuhe’s sister, they also have a pay, but they will give a symbolic point, in fact, they are based on local wages.Settlement, as much as some bricks earned in the past, how much money is paid for acting (laughs).Several amateur protagonists in the film performed very well.My father’s acting has always been steady, my father’s acting has always been steady, that is, the kind of “you let me do it”, in fact, he did not think how holy the movie was, I told him some time ago that he wanted to shoot him in a magazine, Is a fashion magazine that many celebrities want to go to.He said he hadn’t heard it, but let him take a picture and take it.He didn’t think how difficult and holy it was to make a movie.In fact, his stability surprised me a lot. He has his own sense of rhythm in acting. That is how he looks in life. As soon as he arrives in the movie, he feels calm, unhurried, and not at all stunned.Don’t let the producer lose money. I don’t think there is anything to fix in the film, and I don’t want to shoot it again.Because of your shooting cycle and funding constraints, you can only shoot one set of plans.So I admire Wang Jiawei, he can finish the film and cut a star’s scene, it’s too capricious (laughs).In addition, my expectation for the market is not to let the producers lose money. I think they are grateful for their willingness to bet on a movie without stars.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Zhao Lin

Disney’s Star Wars Derived Universe Viewed from Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker

Disney’s “Star Wars” Derived Universe Viewed from “Mandalorian” and “Rise of Skywalker”
“Star Wars” is a classic science fiction movie created by George Lucas, and now the copyright is owned by Disney.There are 10 Star Wars live-action movies available today (Full Story, Prequel, Gaiden). On December 20, the 11th Star Wars movie, the ending of the “Poster Trilogy” “Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker”Will be released, and the first “Star Wars” TV series is also updated.The huge universe view can be recalled from the “force”.The core of Star Wars is “the original force”. The original force is the original concept of Star Wars. It maintains everything in the universe, which is similar to the “Tao” in traditional Chinese culture.People with strong forces or “sensitive” forces can use the forces to master similar “magic” or “superpowers”, such as high-speed response, perception of enemies, control of air control and even prediction of the future.There are probably two opposing views on how to use the Force.One kind of people think that the original force is the master of everything, and only by following the original force can you understand the true meaning of the universe.They follow the “bright side of the original force” and seek to integrate with the original force with peace, quietness, and abiding attitude.Representatives of various kinds of people formed the Jedi Knights.A group of people believe that the original force is just a tool to control the original force and let it be used by oneself in order to become a powerful person in the universe.They are generally recognized as catalyzed by anger, longing, fear of jealousy, fear and other emotions to absorb more powerful energy from the “dark side of the force”.Representatives of various kinds of people claim to be Lord Sith.The collision and actual confrontation of the two types of people constitute the main line of the Star Wars movie.Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.In the official trilogy, Luke Skywalker, a farm kid from a remote planet, has a strong force potential.He participated in the rebel uprising against the Galactic Empire ruled by the Sith apprentices Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.Luke finally discovered that Vader was his father.Luke reformed the evil by pro-emotionalizing Vida, and the two sides joined forces to kill Sidious.Vader was killed in the battle, and Luke passed this test and became a new generation of Jedi masters.The story of the prequel trilogy took place twenty or thirty years ago in the era of the true story, following how Vida fell into the dark side of the Force.At that time, the empire was not yet established. The planets of the Milky Way formed a republic by joining, and the Jedi Knights were the defenders of the sovereign republic.The young Anakin Skywalker has great potential, but his temperament is too aggressive, and the Jedi Master brings quite a few words.Sidious, who conspired to rule the galaxy, made good friends with Anakin in the apparent identity of Republican Senator Palpatine, inducing him to increase his distrust of the Jedi Order.As Anakin foresees that his wife will die in childbirth, Sidious finds a breakthrough and uses Anakin’s fear of losing his wife to successfully lure him to the dark side.Anakin betrayed the Jedi and the Republic and became Darth Vader.Blackened Anakin.The story of the post-trilogy takes place more than thirty years after the era of the true story. The opposing armed factions changed from the empire and the rebels to the first legion and the resistance organization.Kailuo Ren, the leader of the First Army ‘s military force, was himself the son of a former rebel hero and Luke ‘s nephew and disciple.However, Lun ‘s obsession with Grandpa Vinda ‘s story gradually fell into the dark side and became the first legion.The orphan Lei, who was born on a desolate planet, joined the resistance group because of various encounters. Under the guidance of Luke, she repaired the force and made preparations for a decisive battle with Lun.Different organizations and characters have appeared on the stage one after another, but under the romantic “historical view of heroes” in Star Wars, the Galaxy pattern has always been written by masters who use the original force.In addition to movies, the carriers of the Star Wars story include animation, novels, comics, games, etc.Before Disney acquired Star Wars copyright, different Star Wars literary and artistic works formed a tens of thousands of years of galaxy history.The stories of non-film works are called “derivative universes”, and most of the related events are regarded as part of the “true history” of Star Wars.Many of these classic works continue to uphold the spirit of the film, with the main battle around the original force.The comic “The Jedi Dawn” introduces the origins of the Jedi organization; the players in the game “Samurai of the Old Republic” can become Jedi masters or Sith masters according to their own choice; the novels “Sorlong Trilogy” and “New Jedi Knight》 The series shows how the Jedi lost its connection with the Force, or how to fight against evil when the opponent is immune to the Force attack.The cover of the novel “Sauron Trilogy 1”.After Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, in order to facilitate the launch of new movies, the story of most derivative works was scrapped and a new history was planned again.Postmortem and rumored movies were launched in this context.The new movie is still very “force”, for example, after the flyer is the title of the movie, it all contains terms closely related to the force-“The Force” in “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens”, “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi””Jedi” in “Samurai” and “Skywalker” in “Rise of Skywalker”.The rumored film also has an element of force.In the first rumored film “Grand Theft One”, Chinese actors Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen alternated to play as members of the force-sensitive organization “Wall Guard”.There are also classic scenes in which Vader exhibits various lightsabers and force skills to kill the Quartet.In the second rumored film “Ranger Soro”, the real leader of the villain “Blood Dawn” is the former Sith Lord Darth Moore.Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen in the rumored film “Grand Theft One”.However, the main line of the outside story no longer revolves around the Force.The core pros and cons of the two films are not the original force users, and the plot is mainly to fill in the blank parts of the main movie. For example, “Grand Theft One” is mainly called the blueprint of how the rebels successfully steal the imperial super weapon “Death Star”, “Ranger Soro” introduced how several heroes met and how Han obtained the legendary spaceship “Millennium Falcon”.Because the story has little to do with the Force, “Ranger Solo” even became the first Star Wars movie without the sound of “The Force Theme Song”.The creative direction of other Star Wars film and television works has also been adjusted.The animation “The Clone Wars” was launched in 2008, when the copyright of Star Wars was still in Lucas, and the works include scenes from the Jedi vs. Sith as always.The “Rise of the Rebels” premiered in 2014 is Disney’s first animation after the Star Wars. Although the protagonist team still has Force users, the final climax of the final battle is no longer dominated by the battle between the Forces of light and darkness, not the RebelsThe squad confronted the army of Marshal Soron, an imperial strategist.By 2018, the new animation “Resistance Organization”, the Force element has been reduced to a minimum, and the main characters are not the Force users.The adventures of the characters are basically irrelevant to the original confrontation.Animated “Resistance” cover.The TV series portrays the force of non-force users as the foundation of Star Wars, and was also a major factor in the fascinating role of Star Wars.Therefore, no matter from the perspective of story creation or marketing, Star Wars mainline movies will definitely continue to fall into the collision of different force concepts.However, the Star Wars world is splendid, and there are many fascinating contents besides the Force.From the large-scale wars and political wrestling that swept the entire galaxy, the military conflicts in the middle to the local areas, and the adventures of the gangsters fighting for the territory and hitting the small people . No matter from which side, new exciting stories can be discovered.In the “Lucas era”, the main line of Star Wars stories is not just a series of movies, the derivative universe works expand the layout of Star Wars stories.In the “Disney Age” Star Wars story, the derivative universe completely serves the movie, and there are few opportunities to independently describe the new major events of Star Wars history.This is where the creation of the New Derivative Universe focuses on digging out details outside of the movie, including portraying various distinctive non-force users.The number one protagonist of the first Star Wars live-action TV series Mandalorian is also a non-force user.Its first Star Wars movie appeared in 1980 in “Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back”.There is a mandalorian bounty hunter named Boba Fett in the movie. His fierce and unspeakable image and shapely armor make the fans shine.Boba Fett.However, whether it is an official or prequel movie, it does not describe the ethnic characteristics of the Mandalorian people very deeply.The old derivative universe expected the culture to be set relatively completely, but unfortunately most of the settings have been invalidated.In the Disney era, the animation “Rise of the Rebels” first introduced the new Mandalorian story, and the episode is believed to be an important work to redraw the Mandalorian race.The turning point of the “Star Wars” of “Mandalone” is in the currently played episodes, and you can learn about the status of the Mandalorian in the new history of Star Wars.Its story line is set 9 years after “Star Wars 4: New Hope”. At that time, the empire was overthrown, the new republic was established, and the political pattern of the galaxy changed dramatically.The Mandalorian suffered a devastation at an unclear time and was slaughtered by the empire.The survivors went into seclusion and accumulated their power to seek a new rise.Only the protagonist army bounty hunter acts as a secret fundraiser for the organization.The Force is probably also an indispensable element of Mandalorian. The second protagonist-a baby of the same race as the former Jedi Master Yoda, is a force-sensitive person.The Empire hopes to get this baby and issue a bounty to recruit.The protagonist found the baby, but in the end refused to let it fall into the hands of the empire and embarked on a wandering journey with the baby.As the introduction of the first-level event, the baby’s identity will probably play a more important role in the next stage.Yoda’s same-race characters appear in Mandalorian.However, “Mandalorian” currently mainly has a large number of gun battles and melee action scenes to attract the audience’s attention.The audience also looked forward to the episode gradually reviewing more Mandalorian history.There are too many Star Wars fans who believe that the equivalent of the old derivative universe, the new derivative universe is too small, and lacks exciting events.Perhaps as in film and television dramas, most of the confrontation between the rebels and the empire in “The Rise of the Rebels” occurs on one planet.Moreover, the large-scale battles in the works are budgeted, and most of the content is only the small group of protagonists engaged in some raids and thefts.Although “Resistance” is known to predict the origin of resistance, the mode of the unit script and the market orientation of young children also make mature Star Wars fans feel that the work lacks a classic epic sense.”The Mandalorian” may become the real masterpiece of Star Wars on the small screen.Each episode of the aired series has a climax, and quickly gained a good reputation for this work.How it will intersect with the main movie plot in the future is still unknown, but a dark line has been outlined for the Mandalorians who have earned courage for ten years.As long as you maintain excellent standards, this drama has the potential to become a phenomenal Star Wars episode.Stills of “The Mandalorian.”Therefore, the Mandalorian may have two characteristics as a turning point in the creation of the new universe of Star Wars.First, it has the opportunity to become the first high-profile star warfare film and television work with a non-force user role; second, it has the opportunity to clearly expand the pattern of the derived universe story, at least describe a legendary epic of an important star wars race.□ freelee (Deputy Director of Star Wars Chinese Network), editor of sauna night network Wu Longzhen, proofreader Zhai Yongjun

Sun Daolin: True gentleman in the spring breeze and drizzle, people in Jiang Haiyangbo’s painting

Sun Daolin: True gentleman in the spring breeze and drizzle, people in Jiang Haiyangbo’s painting
The poet Xi Chuan once said: “In Sun Daolin’s body, he gathered the morals, cultivation, enthusiasm and talents of an era.As one of the most well-known film performance artists in Chinese film history, all screen images played by Sun Daolin exude a unique intellectual atmosphere. He used his education and acting skills to shape the screen image of a generation of Chinese intellectuals, becoming “Five”Four” cultural and contemporary intellectual image signs.The image of many soldiers and soldiers he played broke the solidification of the image of soldiers at that time.Sun Daolin Born in 1921-2007: Beijing Original Name: Sun Yiliang Work Unit: Shanghai Film Studio Unique Screen Intellect Sun Daolin was born in Beijing in 1921 to an intellectual family. His father is an engineer who returned from Belgium and hopes that he will come in the futureCan also learn engineering.Sun Daolin was connected with literature and art, and was admitted to the Department of Philosophy of Yanjing University in 1938.During this period, under the influence of alumni Huang Zongjiang, he embarked on the road of drama performance. He has participated in dramas such as “Thunderstorm”, “Life and Death”, and also asked Belarusian teachers to learn piano, and German teachers learned vocal music, becoming a famous handsome schoolNiche.In 1948, Sun Daolin came to Shanghai from Beijing to shoot Huang Zongjiang’s film “The Reunion”, and then came to the screen.In 1949, he used the film “Crow and Sparrow” to win the first prize of the Individual Film Award of the Ministry of Culture from 1949 to 1955.”Early Spring February” Sun Daolin played Xiao Jianqiu in the 1963 film “Early Spring February”. At that time, “Xiao Jianqiu whirlwind” was launched in the society at that time, and male college students imitated his appearance.Green scarves are sold out in department stores, and he has become synonymous with chic and elegant.The actress Xie Fang once recalled that Sun Daolin was Xiao Jianqiu’s best choice. “The appearance and acting skills are self-evident. That is the education and quality. You can play a little at will when you sit at the piano.The second person can do it.”Director Chen Kaige once said:” Only with an “Early Spring February”, his performance has reached the peak of art.”In addition to the image of a literati, Sun Daolin also played many military roles in the popular population, and the image of the warrior he played was different from the thick, rigid performance of the general military role of the contemporaries. It was often full of warm and delicate unique imprints.This is why he also shines in military movies.The guerrilla captain in “South Island Wind and Clouds”, the underground party members in “Eternal Wave”, and the political commissar in “Red Seed” are all his screen “Bing Series”.Sun Daolin ‘s wife, Wang Wenjuan, once said in an interview that when she and Sun Daolin just started to fall in love, when her mother knew that her daughter ‘s contact was the player of Lien Chang in the movie “Survey of the River Crossing,” she became the future in her heartSon-in-law.”Thunderstorm” has always been his favorite script, “Thunderstorm” has always been his favorite script.When studying philosophy at Yanjing University, he appeared in Zhou Chong as a member of the Yanjing Opera Company.In 1984, he wrote and directed the film version of “Thunderstorm” and played Zhou Puyuan. This is also the first time Sun Daolin directed the film. He has perfected the details of the story background and the choice of actors. Even Mr. Cao Yu has obviously added this film.”Thunderstorm” In 2003, 82-year-old Sun Daolin appeared again at the invitation of a friend to play in the old grandfather of “Home”. Due to the many lines, Sun Daolin’s memory has declined again. After more than forty years, the role was interpreted again.The problem of Sun Daolin.He insisted that he complete the line part by himself, and recite it over and over again until he memorized the line.This is also the last stage play he played in his lifetime.Sun Daolin once dubbed Hamlet in the movie “The Prince’s Revenge”, which created an unsurpassable peak in the history of the dubbing of the movie and became the “prince” forever in people’s minds.His dubbed version of Hamlet immediately became a standard textbook for the training accent of the performing arts, which has had a potential impact on the tone of speech of the people of the country from then on.Friend Huang Zongjiang once said that if Lawrence Oliver came to China to hear Sun Daolin playing his Hamlet voice, he would also be thankful.Later, at the invitation of Shanghai Film Translation Studio, Sun Daolin also dubbed many foreign films such as “Country of Mount Dudu” and “Tear of the Lone Star”, which became a classic that is difficult for future generations to surpass.Recitation is another relentless pursuit of Sun Daolin.In his readme essay “Me and Recitation”, he served as: “Compared to acting, recitation requires more direct communication and mutual induction with the audience, and thus has a special attraction and incitement to motivate.” “The art of recitation has developedTo become a bright flower in a hundred literary and artistic gardens, it takes such persevering efforts very much.After nearly 40 years of recitation by the army, Sun Daolin still felt that recitation was an “accidental” activity of his own, and felt that there was too little research and thought.In his heart, art is always higher than money. Sun Daolin died in Shanghai in 2007, and the couplet wrote “Heart in the Chinese art and art will never fade away”, “The soul of the screen, the style of Gao Jie, and the image is brilliant.” The concise statement portrays Sun Daolin ‘s extraordinaryLife.When Sun Daolin appeared in “Home” directed by Chen Xihe in 1956, because the director was often infected by the unfortunate fate of the young people in the film, he was immersed in grief for a long time. The crew nicknamed the director “Chen Dabei” (the pioneer of modern Chinese drama)), Another actor Zhang Hui was called “Zhang Henshui” (modern writer, author of “Cry and Laugh”).And Sun Daolin often shed tears in the crew’s nickname “Sun Dayu” (modern poet).Sun Dao often misses, “Look, how serious and harmonious the work was, and how conscientious and focused. The three nicknames are all Ba Jin’s contemporary culture, and the analogy is very appropriate and elegant.”When dealing with performances, Sun Daolin is equally serious and focused.The filming of “Survey of the Crossing River” was his first time playing the image of a soldier. Before that, he was mostly an intellectual, and he was particularly bottomless. He always felt that he was not hard enough, so he walked at home and walked for a long time.Wang Wenjuan reminded him of his posture at any time. Later, he put on military uniforms during the trial and got the director’s uniform before he was relieved.When “The River Crossing” filmed “Never Disappearing Radio Waves”, Sun Daolin took only a month to learn and master the skills of telegraph, so that director Wang Ping could shoot his hands down.When he appeared in the scene of being forced to confess by the enemy’s torture, he actively asked to experience the feeling of tortured tiger bench. When he added it to the third brick, he was already exposed and sweating and almost fainted.In the history of world cinema, for acting, the actor personally experienced the tiger stool, which is probably the only one who has no one before and no one after.”The Radio Wave That Never Dies” “In his heart, art is sublime, weight is heavy, and money is light”, Shanghai famous literary critic Mao Shi’an once commented on Sun Daolin.A manufacturer used to advertise his image at a price of 500,000, and the answer was “I will never be an art dealer.”But in the film “City of Blood in Tucheng”, Sun Daolin’s elaborate summative narration did not admit a penny. He said: “I read this narration for every Chinese, including myself.”Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Xu Qiaoyang proofread Xue Jingning

[Can stomach disease eat taro]_Stomach disease_Gastritis

You can choose Ning Ge to sing at any time. You can take Ning Ge at the end of the song. You will be able to find the best way to get there. There is no chain link.鐗瑰埆鍠滄椋熺敤銆傚彲鏄浜庤儍鐥呯殑鎮h€呮潵璇村彲浠ュ悆鑺嬪ご鍚楋紵澶у鏁颁汉瀵规骞朵笉鏄崄鍒嗕簡瑙c€傚叾瀹炶儍鐥呮偅鑰呮槸鍙互鍚冭妺澶寸殑锛岃繖鏄洜涓鸿妺澶存槸瀹规槗娑堝寲鐨勶紝Do you want to donate money or donate money? 涓€銆佽儍鐥呭彲浠ュ悆鑺嬪ご鍚楋紵 鑳冪梾鎮h€呮槸鍙互鍚冭妺澶寸殑锛屽洜涓鸿妺澶存湰韬氨鏄湁瀹规槗娑堝寲鐨勶紝鑰屼笖閫傚綋鍦伴鐢ㄨ妺澶磋繕鏈夊仴鑴捐儍鐨勪綔鐢紝鎵€浠ュ浜庤儍涓嶅ソ鐨勪汉鏉ヨ瀹屽叏鏄彲浠ュ悆鑺嬪ご鐨勩€?浜屻€佽妺澶寸殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢?1.I am so sturdy, I am very busy, I am very busy, I am going to walk around, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go, I am going to go緟鍔╂不鐤椾綔鐢ㄣ€?.娲侀娇闃查緥姘熺殑鍚噺杈冮珮鍥犳鑺嬪ご鏈夋磥榻块槻榫嬶紝淇濇姢鐗欓娇鐨勫姛鏁堛€?.Naofu Dianquchaqian Qu Bin Guo ご Juan  chain Biancunzhouqu Tangsuochaji Jianjinrenshi ㄨ  Banghonghongyang Guliaoyangzhi Shi Hamamatsu х Duoweiquchi Noutaijijian JinrensuohuangYou are the only one who wants to know what to do and what to do if you want to know how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it and how to do itㄦ潵闃叉不鑲跨槫绛夌柧鐥呫€?.缇庡涔屽彂鑺嬪ご涓虹⒈鎬ч鍝侊紝鑳戒腑鍜屼綋鍐呯Н瀛樼殑閰告€х墿璐紝鍗忚皟浜轰綋鐨勯吀纰卞钩琛★紝杈惧埌缇庡鍏婚锛屼箤榛戝ご鍙戠殑鏁堟灉锛岃繕鍙互鐢ㄦ潵闃叉不鑳冮吀杩囧銆?.This is the best way to do it. It ‘s hard to find the best way to do it. It ‘s a good idea.It’s difficult to solve the problem, it’s difficult to solve the problem, and it’s very difficult to get back to the top of the list. It’s very difficult to get back to it.泭姘斻€? 涓夈€佽妺澶寸殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?1.鑺嬪ご涓瘜鍚泲鐧借川銆侀挋銆佺7銆侀搧銆侀捑銆侀晛銆侀挔銆佽儭钀濆崪绱犮€佺儫閰搞€佺淮鐢熺礌C銆丅鏃忕淮鐢熺礌銆佺殏瑙掔敊绛夊绉嶆垚鍒嗭紝鎵€鍚殑鐭跨墿璐ㄤ腑锛屾盁鐨勫惈閲忚緝楂橈紝鍏锋湁娲侀娇闃查緥銆佷繚鎶ょ墮榻跨殑浣滅敤銆?.鑺嬪ご鍚湁涓€绉嶉粡娑茶泲鐧斤紝琚汉浣撳惛鏀跺悗鑳戒骇鐢熷厤鐤悆铔嬬櫧锛屾垨绉版姉浣撶悆铔嬬櫧锛屽彲鎻愰珮鏈轰綋鐨勬姷鎶楀姏銆傛晠涓尰璁や负鑺嬭壙鑳借В姣掞紝瀵逛汉浣撶殑鐥堣偪姣掔棝鍖呮嫭鐧屾瘨鏈夋姂鍒舵秷瑙d綔鐢紝鍙敤鏉ラ槻娌昏偪鐦ゅ強娣嬪反缁撴牳绛夌梾鐥囥€?

[Beef Hall Menu]_How to eat_How to eat

The altar is inlaid with a chisel, a chisel and a pickaxe.
鍦ㄥ悇绉嶈倝涓紝鐗涜倝鍏锋湁涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏伙紝鎵€鍚殑鑴傝偑姣旇緝浣庯紝閫傚悎鍑忚偉鐨勪汉椋熺敤锛屾墍浠ユ垜浠韩杈瑰紑鐨勭墰鑲夐姣旇緝澶氾紝浣嗘瘡瀹剁墰鑲夐鑿滃崟閮戒笉鍚岋紝鍏朵腑浠ョ墰鑲夐潰涓烘櫘閬嶃€傚ぇ閮ㄥ垎鐨勭墰鑲夐潰棣嗕腑鐗涙帓闈㈠拰鐗涜叐闈㈢瓑鏄富鎵擄紝褰撶劧杩樻湁鐗涜倝鐐掗It’s hard to find out what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on?傝€冨ぇ鎺掗潰銆佸共鎷岀墰鑲氥€佺嫯瀛愬ご濂楅銆佹嫑鐗岀墰鑲夐潰銆佺墰鎺掗潰銆佺墰绛嬬墰鑵╅潰銆佺墰鑵╅潰銆佺剸鑲夐潰绛夈€備簩銆佺墰鑲夌殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?.I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorrowful, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m sorry, I’m scared, I’m sorry, I’m sorry綋铔嬬櫧璐ㄤ腑鍚勭姘ㄥ熀閰哥殑姣斾緥鍩烘湰涓€鑷达紝鍏朵腑鎵€鍚殑鑲屾皑閰告瘮浠讳綍椋熺墿閮介珮銆?.You have just installed it. You have to read it. You have to go back and forth. You will have to go back to the umbrella.€?.鍜屾牳跨墿璐ㄥ拰缁翠粬锻绍缇わ纴鍖呮嫭鐑熼吀锛岀淮鐢熺礌B1鍜屾牳榛勭礌銆傜坛镶夎缮鏄疮澶╂墍闇€瑕佺殑閾佽川鐨勬渶浣虫潵婧愩€?.鐗涜倝杩樺惈鑲夋瘨纰便€備笁銆佺墰鑲夌殑椋熺敤鍔熸晥1銆佸闀胯倢鑲夛細瀹冨澧為暱鑲岃倝銆佸寮哄姏閲忕壒鍒湁鏁堛€傚湪杩涜璁粌鐨勫ご鍑犵閽熼噷锛岃倢姘ㄩ吀鏄倢鑲夌噧鏂欎箣婧愶紝瀹冨彲浠ユ湁鏁堣ˉ鍏呬笁纾烽吀鑵鸿嫹锛屼粠鑰屼娇璁粌鑳藉潥鎸佸緱鏇翠箙銆傚叾涓倝姣掔⒈涓昏鐢ㄤ簬鏀寔鑴傝偑鐨勬柊闄堜唬璋紝浜х敓鏀摼姘ㄥ熀閰革紝鏄鍋ョ編杩愬姩鍛樺闀胯倢鑲夎捣閲嶈浣滅敤鐨勪竴绉嶆皑鍩洪吀銆?銆佸鍔犲厤鐤姏锛氬彲甯綘澧炲己鍏嶇柅鍔涳紝淇冭繘铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ殑鏂伴檲浠h阿鍜屽悎鎴愶紝浠庤€屾湁鍔╀簬绱у紶璁粌鍚庤韩浣撶殑鎭㈠銆?銆佷績杩涘悍澶嶏細鑳芥彁楂樻満浣撴姉鐥呰兘鍔涳紝瀵圭敓闀垮彂鑲插強鎵嬫湳鍚庛€佺梾鍚庤皟鍏荤殑浜哄湪琛ュ厖澶辫銆佷慨澶嶇粍缁囩瓑鏂归潰鐗╁埆閫傚疁銆?銆佽ˉ閾佽ˉ琛€锛氶搧鏄€犺鎵€蹇呴渶鐨勫厓绱狅紝鑰岀墰鑲変腑瀵屽惈澶ч噺鐨勯搧锛屽椋熺敤鐗涜倝鏈夊姪浜庣己閾佹€ц传琛€鐨勬不鐤椼€傚洓銆佺墰鑲夐€傜敤浜虹兢涓€鑸汉缇ゅ潎鍙鐢ㄣ€傞€傚疁浜庣敓闀垮彂鑲层€佹湳鍚庛€佺梾鍚庤皟鍏荤殑浜恒€佷腑姘斾笅闅愩€佹皵鐭綋铏氥€佺瓔楠ㄩ吀杞€佽传琛€涔呯梾鍙婇潰榛勭洰鐪╀箣浜洪鐢ㄣ€備簲銆佺墰鑲夌蹇屼汉缇ゆ劅鏌撴€х柧鐥呫€佽倽鐥呫€佽偩鐥呯殑浜烘厧椋熴€傞粍鐗涜倝涓哄彂鐗╋紝鎮g柈鐤ユ箍鐤广€佺棙鐥с€佺槞鐥掕€呮厧鐢ㄣ€傞珮鑳嗗浐閱囥€侀珮鑴傝偑銆佽€佸勾浜恒€佸効绔ャ€佹秷鍖栧姏寮辩殑浜轰笉瀹滃鍚冦€?

[Effects of Lilac Bud Soaked in Water]_ Tea_ Benefits

[Effects of Lilac Bud Soaked in Water]_ Tea_ Benefits

Lilac flower water is a common drink, and many girls want to improve their skin through lilac flower water.

Lilac flower water can improve the endocrine of girls, and also has a promoting effect on the skin. It can eliminate acne on the surface of the skin, and it can also regulate the skin’s color and make the skin white.

So, what is the effect of lilac buds soaking in water?

1. Cough and Phlegm Efficacy Clove leaf osmanthus tea has the function of cough and phlegm reduction.

Clove leaf osmanthus tea can nourish yin and lungs, can soothe the throat, improve phlegm, cough symptoms, and has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on sore throat and cough caused by colds.

2. Stomach-warming effect Clove leaf osmanthus tea has a certain stomach-warming effect.

Adding sweet-scented osmanthus in clove tea can play a good role in warming and dispersing cold and warming the stomach and relieve pain.

For patients with stomachache and stomachache, clove leaf osmanthus tea can be appropriately received for health care.

Clove leaf osmanthus tea is also very suitable for the elderly to replace.

3, the effect of laxative laxative syringa osmanthus tea can also laxative laxative effect.

Clove leaf osmanthus tea can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort such as flatulence, and has a certain relief effect on patients with constipation.

4, in addition to bad breath clove leaf osmanthus tea can be used to remove bad breath.

The sweet-scented osmanthus has a pleasant smell, and the tea polyphenols contained in the tea can dissolve slightly and eliminate the odor in the mouth.

People with bad breath often drink osmanthus osmanthus tea to make their breath fresher.

The effect of lilac osmanthus soaking in water5, the beauty effect of lilac osmanthus tea has the function of whitening the skin, detoxifying the body toxins, and intestinal laxative. Therefore, female friends often drink osmanthus osmanthus tea to have a beauty effect.

6, refreshing effect clove leaf osmanthus tea has a refreshing effect.

The rich floral fragrance of osmanthus osmanthus tea can soothe tension, and the adjacent osmanthus osmanthus tea can balance the nervous system and achieve a refreshing effect.

So when people feel tired, nervous, stressed, and stressed, they can drink a cup of osmanthus osmanthus tea to ease the conditioning.

7, heat-clearing effect clove leaf osmanthus tea also has a heat-clearing effect.

Blended with clove leaf osmanthus tea can clear heat and sterilize, moisturize the bowels.

Clove leaf osmanthus tea has certain effects on stomatitis, periodontitis, and hoarseness.

The effect of lilac osmanthus soaking in water The lilac leaf osmanthus tea has many functions and effects, and has high nutritional value. It is a good tea drink for health care.

People have long enjoyed refreshing and full of vitality.

[Can Mangosteen be Refrigerated]_Mangosteen_How to store_How to store

[Can Mangosteen be Refrigerated]_Mangosteen_How to store_How to store

Because mangosteen has become one of the precious fruits that people are chasing, because the taste of mangosteen is attractive, and the odor of durian is mentioned. Mangosteen is considered to be very cold. However, because mangosteen only grows in tropical regions, after long distance transportationHow to save it becomes a big problem. So, can mangosteen be put in the refrigerator and how to eat it?

Mangosteen is easy to air-dry and deteriorate, and it is generally kept refrigerated.

Pack the mangosteen in a fresh-keeping bag, leave a small amount of air, fasten the mouth of the bag, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, so that the mangosteen can be stored for several days.

1. How long can the mangosteen be stored in the refrigerator? After 5 days of storage, the flavor of the mangosteen will deteriorate, and it can only be stored for a maximum of 10 days. It is recommended not to buy it in large quantities at one time.

Mangosteen is very easy to deteriorate. If you want to grow it longer, you must ensure low temperature and low oxygen.

Under normal circumstances, tropical fruits cannot be stored in the refrigerator, but mangosteen is different.

Because low temperature can reduce the loss of water, reduce the activity of pectinase, and delay aging, mangosteen should be kept in the refrigerator.

In addition, sealing as much as possible to reduce the attack of oxygen is also a key to keeping fresh.

In general, put the mangosteen in a fresh-keeping bag, leave a small amount of air, fasten the mouth of the bag, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, you can put it for a few more days.

2. In the past, mangosteen was mainly imported from Thailand and other countries. Due to long-distance transportation, family storage should not be too long. It is recommended not to buy in large quantities at one time.

In addition, eating more mangosteen will cause constipation, and generally eat up to three a day.

3. Edible value of mangosteen Mangosteen can be eaten raw, juiced, made salads, canned, etc.

The mangosteen peel has a bitter taste. When peeling, prevent the skin juice from being stained on the flesh, so as not to affect the taste.

Mangosteen pulp is rich in dietary fiber, sugars, vitamins and magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other mineral elements.

It has a good nourishing effect on the body, and has a good nutritional effect on the frail, malnutrition after illness.

[Does men eat sea oyster seeds for aphrodisiac]

Kan Zaihan provokes sorrow and madness.陒 冲 懧 銆 抱 撱 樝 殹 懹 _ 懡 綍 澹  槼
Foolish and unrestrained, it ‘s a fake power, and it ‘s a fake power. It ‘s an umbrella, it ‘s an umbrella, it ‘s a good idea, it ‘s a very good idea笖鍛抽亾杩樼浉褰撲笉閿欍€傚€樿嫢浣犳槸涓€涓埍鍠濋厭鐨勪汉锛岄偅涔堝畠浣滀负涓嬮厭鑿滀篃鏄浉褰撲笉閿欑殑鍝?Linked to bees, bees, sorrows, bees, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows锷€傞偅涔堜粠鍖诲瑙掑害鏉ヨ锛屾捣铔庡瓙鑳藉.闃冲悧?How do you like to make a play? What are you doing? What are you going to do?5% of the Chinese people and the Chinese people are the most important ones, and they are the most important ones in the world. They are all stunned, and they are in the same state.The power of the world is the same as the one in the world. It ‘s a rough place. It ‘s very rough. It ‘s very rough. It ‘s a real world. It ‘s a real world.What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.杈f澹槼娉曪細寰堝浜鸿涓猴紝杈f澶栬绫讳技鐢锋€х敓娈栧櫒锛屽懗閬撹緵杈e埡婵€锛屾鍍忓鐏殑鐖辨儏銆傚疄闄呬笂锛岃荆妞掓墍鍚殑鐗╄川鍙湁鎶楁哀鍖栥€佷績杩涙柊闄堜唬璋€佹鐤肩What’s the matter? Do you think it’s okay?.The toilet is sloppy.阒虫彁镐фф氢硶锛告槸鎯呬汉鑺傜殑鍏崇郴锛屼汉浠范鎯妸宸у厕锷涗笌鐖辨儏镵旗郴鍦ㄤ竴璧枫€備絾宸у厠鍔涚殑涓昏鎴愬垎鏄彲鍙紝鑳芥姉姘у寲锛岄檷琛€鍘嬶紝浣嗙粷涓嶅彲鑳借浜轰竴澶滅鍕囥€?.棣欐枡鎻愮澹槼鍔╂€ф硶锛氭簮鑷簹娲茬殑寰堝棣欐枡琚汉璁や负鍙互鎸戣捣鎬ф銆傜劧鑰屾祴閲忔樉绀猴紝浣跨敤棣欐枡鍚庯紝闃磋寧涓庨槾閬撶殑鍏呰绋嬪害骞舵棤澶ぇ鍙樺寲銆?.The crimson cuckoo is not as good as it is. The Han Dynasty is becoming a handsome cuckoo. The crimson cuckoo is awarded.€傜劧鑰屾澗闇插惈鏈夌殑楹濋鍛冲彧鑳戒績浣跨尓鍙戞儏锛屾病鏈夎瘉鎹〃鏄庡浜烘湁鏁堛€?

SAIC Group (600104): June and July sales are expected to pick up

SAIC Group (600104): June and July sales are expected to pick up

This report reads: The company ‘s May sales were six months to -16.

3%, SAIC-GM, the decline in sales of its own brands narrowed.

The impact of the National Six policy on the company has gradually disappeared. It is expected that the distributors’ replenishment activities in June and July will drive the sales volume at the wholesale end.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating and maintain target price of 36.

57 yuan.

The company’s May sales were 48.

10,000 vehicles, at least -16.

3% (from January to May gradually extend -16.

7%), SAIC passenger cars for 5 months-6.

2%, SAIC-Volkswagen -9 in May half a year.

7%, SAIC-GM–9% five months ago, SAIC-GM-Wuling sales -34% in May, in line with market expectations.

Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 3.



67 yuan, maintaining a target price of 36.

57 yuan.

SAIC-Volkswagen’s sales were stable, 杭州夜网 SAIC-GM’s, and its own-brand sales volume narrowed.

SAIC Volkswagen sold 15 in May.

40,000, at least -9.

7% (from January to April gradually extended -9.

2%); SAIC-GM sold 14 in May.

10,000 vehicles, at least -9% (from January to April cumulative -16.

6%), the annual decline is significantly narrowed; the sales of independent brands in May 5.

50,000, at least -6.

2% (from January to April gradually extended -15.

4%), through the official launch of Roewe RX5 MAX in the second half of the year, sales of independent brands are expected to improve in the second half of the year.

Inventories of various brand dealers have declined. Currently, vehicles scheduled for production are mainly National Six models, and the impact of National Six policy is gradually eliminated.

The inventory removal progress of the company’s 上海夜网论坛 brand distributors is in line with expectations, and the inventory in May may not exceed 2.

1 month (Roewe inventory 3 in April.

2 months, General Chevrolet inventory 2.

4 months, GM Buick 2 inventory 2.

4 months), to return to healthy levels.

The company’s production schedule in June is mainly based on National VI models. It is expected that distributors will replenish the inventory of National VI models in June-July, which will continue to pick up sales at the wholesale end.

Catalyst: The company’s wholesale sales improved, the company’s 5G car R & D speed exceeded expectations. Risk reminder: The joint venture company’s share ratio has been significantly adjusted, and the company’s high-end brand promotion has fallen short of expectations.