[How do gay men solve their physiological needs?

】 _ Homosexuality_How to solve

[How do gay men solve their physiological needs?
】 _ Homosexuality_How to solve

Each person’s sexual life orientation is different, but under normal circumstances it must be the reorganization of the opposite sex to produce feelings, the same sex does not feel sexually.

But around us, there are still some friends who may have psychological problems. They do not know about the opposite sex, and they even know the same sex. This is called homosexuality.

So how do gay men address their physical needs?

How does homosexuality address things other than physical needs? Lesbians generally reassemble toys and gays are replaced.

Physiological needs are actually their own sexual gratification behaviors. Devices of the same sex can be used to satisfy each other or to each other. Most gay men are replaced by sexual organs, and lesbians are used by mouth, hands, or sex products instead of appliances.

Common are: mouth irritation, hand irritation, alternative sex organs, appliance sexual intercourse. The main sexual behaviors of homosexuals are kissing, touching, masturbation, special sex and appliance intercourse, etc. Some homosexuals occasionally use special interests such as lips and oscillatorAnd even extremely rare forms of sexual abuse.

According to surveys, three-quarters of gay couples stimulate nipples during sex, and lesbian partners are most happy about touching.

Avoiding body fluid exchange can achieve safe sex.

In the spread, gay men are most vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, and the most popular sexual activity among gay men is through direct sexual intercourse.

But in fact, in order to avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, many gay men, like other sexually inclined people, choose to wear condoms when they have sex.

Homosexuals are also specific.

Many times people will equate homosexuality with promiscuity, but in fact, homosexuals have the same mentality as normal couples in romantic relationships, so specificity should be normal.

In fact, the biggest difference between homosexuality and normal sexual orientation is only the gender difference in sexual orientation.

[Benefits of spicy food]_Action_Inevitable

[Benefits of spicy food]_Action_Inevitable

Spicy can basically be said to have the taste of every northern dish. Putting some peppers when cooking can easily evoke people’s appetite, and the taste will be more fragrant. A large number of people think that spicy food is bad for the bodyIt is very easy to hurt the stomach, which will lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids. At the same time, people who eat too much spicy will get endocrine disorders due to stimulation, which will cause acne.

So what are the benefits of spicy food?

Peppers are rich in alkaloids and vitamin C, which can stimulate bile secretion and even convert excess cholesterol in the body into bile acids, thereby preventing gallstones.

Capsaicin can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, reduce thrombosis, and have certain preventive effects on cardiovascular system diseases.

In addition, after eating spicy metabolism quickly, sweating easily, also have a certain effect on weight loss.

At the beginning of a cold, chili can also make the airway clear, and treat cough and cold.

Do not eat more peppers!

Beware of “a thousand miles”!

Many people feel that something is wrong in their stomachs after the refreshing energy of eating chili has passed. Soon the stomach will scream with pain and need to run to the toilet to “discharge a thousand miles”.

The cause of diarrhea caused by eating pepper has not yet been clearly stated, but colonic cells are stimulated by capsaicin, which may lead to gastrointestinal motor disorders.

  Capsaicin receptors are also present in colon cells. Activation of capsaicin receptors in colon cells can cause disturbances in colon movement.

The function of the colon is to slowly push the unformed feces to the anus, and in the process absorb the water in it to form the stool.

Excessive activation of capsaicin receptors will cause the colon to move faster and become irregular, causing the intestines to have insufficient time to absorb water, and eventually the feces will not be formed. Naturally, loose stools will occur, that is, diarrhea.

Hot “Spicy Chrysanthemum”!

Many people say that after eating too many or very spicy foods at one time, they will feel a burning chrysanthemum.

This is because the capsaicin receptor transmits to the brain mainly a burning sensation, so when the capsaicin receptor on the anus is activated, the brain also senses that the anus is burned by the fire.

Most people have this feeling, don’t worry, because the anus has not been burned or injured. When the capsaicin stimulus slowly disappears, this feeling naturally disappears.

Of course, if you continue to eat peppers every day, it will not be impossible to be “burned chrysanthemums” over the years.

[Green vegetables have some kind]_type_classification

[Green vegetables have some kind]_type_classification

In fact, when working outside, many people do n’t eat and sleep well because they do n’t have the care of their families. So they often buy and eat outside, but the things they buy are not clean, so everyone needsKnowing that supplementing some vegetables every day is very good for the body. Even if you do n’t eat meat, you can supplement the vitamins that your body lacks.

What green leafy vegetables should I eat everyday?


When I was watching Popeye when I was a kid, I said that spinach gives people a lot of nutrition and is the best vegetable to supplement iron.

Many people think that spinach is not delicious. It may be a matter of practice. You can gently blanch it with hot water, then cool it, put some sesame seeds, and it looks good and delicious.

Small vegetables.

Many people now love to eat green vegetables, and also promote green vegetables from the original unheeded dishes into the body?
Green leafy vegetables.

Small greens can be sauteed and eaten with mushrooms and shredded pork. They can also be used as side dishes such as noodles and noodles.


This is also a popular dish. It has become a dish that many women love when they go out to meet guests. When they are fried, they use garlic to taste. The peppers used are less oil and they are crispy and crispy.


Lettuce is heated because of eating Korean barbecue. Because it is delicious and refreshing, many people love and love it. The best partner for casseroles or various types of meat dishes is to make it greasy and increase the taste.

Artemisia annua.

The different dishes from north and south belong to Artemisia annua. The northern artichoke is relatively long and large. The southern one is Artemisia annua.It ‘s delicious, everyone can try it.


When you want to eat the condiments, you will choose the tender ones, which are more delicious and fried with pork.


Leeks are the most selfless vegetables that can be cut and eaten by people.

However, the chives must be picked in season. The chives are not delicious in July and August. Leeks can make a lot of food, make dumplings with meat, make vegetable boxes with tofu noodles, cook back meat with meat slices, and make Korean spicy cabbage with cabbage.

Many methods need to be studied.

[Winter melon swelling and water]_Efficacy_Nutrition Value

[Winter melon swelling and water]_Efficacy_Nutrition Value

Winter melon is a relatively common food. This kind of food can be used to make a lot of delicious food. There are many cooking methods, and the nutritional value of this food is extremely rich. Later it became a human body.It is quite good. The most common one is the effect of swelling and water, so the best cooking method is to cook winter melon, so that it can preserve the nutritional ingredients.

Winter melon is sweet, cold, and has antipyretic, diuretic, and swelling effects.

Winter melon is toxic and has good adjuvant treatment for arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, ascites, coronary heart disease, hypertension, nephritis, swelling and other diseases.

“Dietary spectrum of living with interest”: “If pregnant women eat regularly, zebu poison will make children disease-free.

“Winter melon also has functions such as detoxification.

Glycolic acid contained in melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the melon itself does not contain trace amounts and the conversion is not high. It is of great significance to prevent the body from gaining weight and can help the body to be fit.

The seeds and skins of the melon can also be used as medicine, and the melon meat and coriander have diuretic, heat-clearing, phlegm-reducing, and thirst-relieving effects.

It can also treat edema, asthma, heat, and hemorrhoids.

Winter melon, such as boiling soup with skin, can achieve swelling and diuretic, clearing away heat and relieve heat.

Melon son (also known as white melon seeds, melon kernels, melon seeds, melon petals, melon rhinoceros) melon seeds, clearing the lungs phlegm effect.

Melon vines decoction has a unique effect for rectal prolapse disease.

Winter melon fresh juice is used for face washing and bathing. It can whiten the skin and make the skin shiny. It is a cheap natural cosmetic.

Economic melon is a good storage-resistant vegetable with low planting cost, high yield, rich nutrition, storage and transportation resistance, strong heat resistance, white meat, crispy and juicy, and is a good raw material for processing agricultural products.Winter melon has been more and more widely used in the processing of various new types of food and health care crystals, which is a good way to add value to a large crop and low-priced vegetables.

Therefore, carrying out research on the comprehensive utilization technology of winter melon has certain practical significance for comprehensively increasing the value of winter melon and promoting farmers’ income.

Face-lifting bone massage presses water and sputum

Face-lifting bone massage presses water and sputum

When it comes to whole bones, many people think of surgery.

Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to use your hands to make your bones in your face, to help you speed up the cycle, press the edema and the accumulated sputum, and you can achieve the magical face-lifting effect in one month, creating a three-dimensional face.

  Prerequisites for whole bones: no need to leave long nails and other delicate parts to massage, in order to achieve the effect and not hurt the skin, you must first cut the nails.

  Must use massage oil (cream) empty hand massage, the extra effect will lead to excessive pulling of the skin, accelerate the appearance of fine lines, apply massage oil or massage cream to accelerate the effect.

  Every morning and evening, insist on doing the face-lifting effect as soon as possible, of course, stick to it!

In addition to morning and evening, as long as you have time, you can press the face bones.

  Make sure to touch the bones during the massage because the focus of the massage is on the bones, so the bones of the hands and face should be touched during the massage.

  The target of the whole bone in the eyebrow: remove the fine lines of the expression in the eyebrow and make the forehead full and smooth.

  step 1.

Push the first joint with your thumb up and down 10 times in the eyebrows, not too fast, and slowly feel like a flattened wrinkle.

  Step 2.

Massage the brow bone in parallel with the thumb joints of both hands.

  Orbital bone target: stimulate the brow bone under the eyebrows, can make the accumulation of old waste materials flow, improve the swelling, increase the deep squat, but also eliminate eye fatigue, so that the eyes are like the magnifying glass.

  From the bottom of the brow to the end of the eyebrow, use the thumb of the thumb to move from the bottom of the brow to the end of the eyebrow. Because the place of use is the abdomen, you must not have nails.

  Cheek bone target: The cheekbones are high, the lower part of the face looks natural and thin, and the pattern lines are also less obvious because the face is raised. The following set of techniques should be repeated 3 times.

  step 1.

Press firmly on the base of the thumb below the cheekbone to find the cheekbone just below the black eyeball. Press firmly for three seconds and lean your elbow against the table to apply force.

  Step 2.

The tiger’s mouth gripped the cheekbone and pushed it up with the bones of the tiger’s mouth to clamp the cheekbones. The same force was applied by the table to push the cheekbone up.

  third step

Let the bone of the palm of the hand push the cheekbone up and repeat it 3 times.

  the fourth step.

Put your hand close to the cheekbones and push it in for 10 seconds, repeating 3 times.

  The target of the nose and bones: I learned this trick, even if it is a low-nosed Oriental, it can have a straight nose.

  Locate the nasal bone in the middle of the eyebrow with the first joint of the thumb and insert the bridge of the nose vertically from top to bottom.

  Chin bone target: the impeccable goddess beauty, is to have a zero dead angle face line, even the side face should be beautiful enough, this action can make the chin curve beautiful, but also massage the lymphatic detoxification, remove water.

  step 1.

The tiger’s mouth grips the ends of the mouth and uses the thumb to press the chin to make a shouting action. It is actually pushed in the tiger’s mouth and pushed inward. The elbow leans on the table to help exert force.

  Step 2.

Use the tiger’s mouth to take it to the ear, and one of the hands will forcefully press it back to the ear, as if the meat of the chin is pushed off and then replaced.

Lose weight yoga before going to bed to correctly understand weight loss yoga

Lose weight yoga before going to bed to correctly understand weight loss yoga

Weight loss yoga before going to bed, weight loss is a woman’s lifelong career, many women want to do a lot of methods for weight loss, before going to bed can also do some yoga to lose weight, then what is weight loss yoga before going to bed?

Xiaobian tells everyone about weight loss yoga before going to bed.

Weight loss yoga before going to bed, sitting angle effect: adjust the skewed pelvis, obvious effect of thin waist, help open the leg ligaments, tighten the leg muscles, beautify the leg type.

Change the menstrual symptoms.

Long-term practice can also make the skin smooth and radiant.

Step one to sit down, keep your feet straight, slowly open your legs to the limit and try to straighten forward.

Step two inhale, shrink radially upwards, straight up the back.

Step 3 exhale, and the arms and upper body slowly shrink forward.

Attach the abdomen, chest, and chin to the bed.

Keep this position for about 4 to 12 breaths for a long time.

The spine must remain fractured throughout the process.

[Tips]There are several changes in the “sitting angle” that are difficult to change to varying degrees. Beginners should proceed according to their own abilities, and do not force the legs.

Need to add that yoga is a self-cultivating physical training. Each individual movement has different meanings and functions. When we practice, we can refer to the picture to achieve our maximum limit. Over time, we will continue to stretch us.The bones and bones, we will slowly reach the standard posture of the picture, I hope everyone is the same.

2, the angle of the effect: to keep the kidneys, prostate and bladder healthy; at the same time, women are also very symptomatic, can adjust irregular menstruation, regulate menstrual flow, relieve dysmenorrhea, promote normal vascular function.

So one end sits on the bed, bending and bending, and the soles of the feet are opposite.

Grasp the feet with both hands, straighten the spine, and the heel will be close to the thigh.

The two inhale, raise the head, and contract the spine.

Exhale, bend forward, put the forehead properly close to the bed, and keep breathing for one minute.

[Tips]Try to keep your knees close to the bed. After finishing the action, straighten your legs and relax your hips.

3, spine twisting effect: can quickly eliminate the back pain caused by sedentary, low back pain and waist pain; in the twist, can make the muscles, liver and spleen get strong, effectively relieve the fatigue of the shoulder and neck, reverse the hunchback, buckle shoulders, etc.Bad posture.

Nourish the nervous system.

Step 1 Take the left leg to the right foot, the right foot across the left knee, and place the right foot in front of the left knee; straight up the spine and sit on the bed.

The second is inhaling, the arm side is flat, and the wedge spine.

Exhale, twist the abdomen, shoulders, and head to the right, and put your hands together on your chest; breathe normally and keep your eyes on the right back side.

[Tips]When turning, keep the spine straight and pay attention to balance.

4, lizard style effect: relieve physical fatigue, eliminate the redundant aunt on the shoulder.

Correct the hunchback, buckle the shoulders, and beautify the shoulder lines.

Improve constipation.

Step one knees close together, sitting on the bed, leaning forward on the upper body, sticking the legs on the chest and abdomen, laying the bed on the forehead.

The second is inhaling, looking up, sliding forward with both arms and straightening the arm.

In the meantime, exhale three times, try to put the cheekbones and chin on the bed, tilt it to the left, and put the elbow nest down to the bed.

Step 4 Breathing gently, keep it for 10-15 seconds.

[Tips]When moving the body, the muscles of the arms are always tightened, the center of gravity moves to the chest, the buttocks relax, and the chest is attached to the ground; the thighs are always perpendicular to the ground.

Foot health has four main points to care for your feet and beautiful winter

Foot health has four main points to care for your feet and beautiful winter

Many people think that the winter feet should be covered up. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care. But in fact, you can protect your feet in winter, the whole body will be very comfortable, and there will be many problems in the winter foot. There are also many health care points.

  Four major issues in foot health care1.

Roughly like a woman with bare feet, the feet seem to be rough.

The heel is the contact surface with the shoes. The stratum corneum is the protection system of the body. The longer the friction is, the longer the thicker the skin is. The more the skin is rubbed on the soles of the feet and the skin is hard to be hardened. It is easy to cause the keratin to become hard or long, and the instep is also because of the usual time.Obvious care is rougher than the skin in other parts of the body.


The sebaceous glands of the dry feet are not well developed, and the part of the arch is not distributed with sebaceous glands. It is no wonder that the skin of the feet has always been very dry.


Because of some bad habits of wearing shoes, some of them wear high-heeled shoes, platform shoes, pointed shoes, etc., the feet will be concentrated due to the center of gravity, the big toes are easy to grow hard skin, the size of the toes is easy to rub because of friction, andThe big toe may also be deformed and swollen.


Tired feet support the entire body and are prone to fatigue.

  The main points of foot care 1.

Cleans, soaks and softens the keratin of the horny feet more thick than the rest of the body. Before removing the keratin, soak your feet in warm water, soften the hard keratin, and promote blood circulation.

After soaking, use a peeling knife to slowly remove the dead skin that has been softened by the toenail. The movement should be light, avoid excessive force and damage the skin next to the nail.


Massage foot massager, foot massager and massage pen can stimulate the acupuncture points of your feet, promote blood circulation in the feet, and completely relax your tired feet all day long.

But the skin of the feet is the same as the skin of any part of the body. Blind cockroaches can cause harm. Mineral oil and pure salt are good foot massage materials, which are evenly absorbed on the feet during the massage process.Increase in discretion and work with massage tools.


Cleansing and refreshing the foot is the place where the body sweats the least but the sweat glands are the most dense. Before wearing the shoes, spray the spray to keep the feet dry, to avoid sweat and bacteria and foot odor.

You can choose to soothe foot bath dew, deodorant antibacterial bath salt, deodorant antibacterial spray, cool mint powder, foot refreshing foot spray, antiperspirant deodorant foot spray and so on.

  Both treatments are good for 1 foot.

Blood stasis, blood stasis, physique, when using Chinese medicine to soak feet, you can add safflower, angelica, Chuanxiong, Zelan leaf, spatholobus and other five traditional Chinese medicine, warming blood circulation and phlegm.


Yang deficiency constitution Yang deficiency constitution, in the foot bath water, add Ai Ye, Eucommia ulmoides, cassia twig, dog ridge, dried ginger and other five traditional Chinese medicine, in order to take advantage of Yiyang Wenjing to warm the feet.

  Chinese medicine foot bath method to cook Chinese medicine for 15 minutes, waiting for the liquid 35 ° C?
42 ° C can be soaked feet, feet into the Chinese medicine juice, just step on the dregs to massage the soles of the feet for half an hour, 1 time before going to sleep.

  Seven types of people who are not suitable for foot baths, women in pregnancy and menstruation, because Chinese medicine bath feet may stimulate women’s gonadal reflex zones, thus affecting women’s and fetus health.

  2, people with a variety of severe bleeding, such as hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, cerebral hemorrhage, stomach bleeding, uterine bleeding and other visceral bleeding, etc., when performing foot massage, may cause local tissue bleeding.

  3, kidney failure, heart failure, myocardial infarction, liver necrosis and other critically ill patients, because the condition is very easy, the stimulation of the foot reflex zone may cause violent reactions, complicate the condition.

  4, some acute infectious diseases, acute poisoning, surgical emergency patients, such as trauma, fractures, burns, perforation, major bleeding, etc., because it may delay the best time for misdiagnosis.

  5, people who are in great anger, great sorrow, overjoyed or nervous, and physically exhausted.

  6, people who take a foot bath within 1 hour before and after meals.

Due to the expansion of the blood vessels in the foot during the foot bath, the blood volume increases, resulting in a decrease in blood in the body and viscera, affecting digestion and digestion.

That is, the foot bath before meals may inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, and it is indigestion; immediately after a meal, the foot bath may cause a decrease in blood volume in the body and affect digestion.

  7, the foot has trauma, blisters, hemorrhoids, inflammation, suppuration, ulcers, edema and heavier varicose veins in patients.

Mental health begins with good sleep

Mental health begins with good sleep

Many people understand that mental health is a guarantee of physical health, and reasonable sleep is one of the necessary conditions for maintaining mental health.

However, for modern urbanites, fast-paced, stressful lifestyles make them suffer from various sleep disorders, insomnia, always can’t sleep, sleepiness during the day, sleepless nights, sleep insufficiency, dim and sleep all day long, etc.Sleep disorders abound, and people’s health is greatly affected.

  Depressive disorder is easy to introduce to insomnia as an expert in performance. Patients with sleep disorders are likely to have some mental and emotional symptoms, among which depressive symptoms are the most common, followed by worry, somatization, hostility, and coercion.

People with insomnia are more prone to various psychological symptoms than those with normal sleep. These factors may be one of the causes of functional insomnia.

Sleep quality, sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep disorders, hypnotics and torso body, anxiety and other factors were significantly positively correlated with insomnia patients with somatic symptoms, anxiety and other conditions.

  Poor sleep quality can easily lead to or aggravate depression or anxiety symptoms, which in turn can seriously affect the quality of sleep, leaving the patient in a vicious circle, which may be the cause of long-term insomnia.

Depression, anxiety, coercion, and symptoms are closely related to the time of awakening during sleep, that is, depression, anxiety, coercion, and the more severe the symptoms, the more difficult the patient falls asleep and maintains sleep, the longer the awakening time, the worse the quality of sleep.

Experts advise that you should not be obsessed with sleeping disorders.

If you have an unexplained upset or discomfort, you should be alert to sleep disorders if you have not seen any abnormalities in various examinations in the hospital.

  Insomnia for more than 3 months should be done for sleep monitoring for sleep disorders, some people do not know, do not treat and leave a physical health hazard; some people blindly taking sleeping pills and lead to drug dependence.

Experts remind that international sleep medicine generally believes that insomnia for more than 3 months is chronic insomnia.

The causes of chronic insomnia are very complicated. There are 11 reasons for the international classification of sleep disorders, and some types of treatment principles are different.

Therefore, in order to clarify the nature and causes of chronic insomnia, sleep monitoring should be performed to clarify the diagnosis and guidance treatment.

In particular, the intractable insomnia caused by long-term treatment may be caused by more complicated types of sleep disorders, and more need to be monitored for sleep to confirm the diagnosis and guidance treatment.

  In addition, nighttime behavior abnormalities, including sleepwalking (ie, sleepwalking), sleep snoring, nighttime sleep, molars, nocturnal enuresis, and even long-term nightmares, may be sleep disorders.

The performance of sleep disorders is completely at night, and there are symptoms during the day and it is easy to be ignored by others. For example, if a patient always feels sleepy during the day, he or she is mentally paralyzed and inattentive; if he is concentrated, he will be unable to control.sleep.

Experts suggest that if the above symptoms occur, it is best to do polysomnography to confirm the diagnosis, brake and early treatment.

Fengjing ancient town years old ancient charm

Fengjing ancient town years old ancient charm

Some places are not far away, some years are concentrated, Fengjing, not too close, not far away, just around the corner of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, the weekend club eater escaping the boiling city together, to this small town belonging to Shanghai Jinshan, not only a big mouthful, but also unexpectedly harvested the ancient charm of a car living in the past.

  Shanghai departs from Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Fengjing is always the place to go. The impression of Jiashan is near Zhejiang, and it is not expected that the small ancient town is in the territory of Shanghai Jinshan.

2 km after the Fengjing toll gate, you can reach the ancient town. There have been many times before passing through her door. On this day, we turn into the connected 320 national highway, turn right from the first traffic light, and the water town is not far away, passing through the tallThe “Fengjing” archway was unveiled.

  In the painting, there are hundreds of people in the paintings, and the signpost indicates that the 250 meters ahead is the tourist area, but first met the three-way intersection, and asked the passers-by indefinitely. You can walk left and right, and walk left to the Ding Ho workshop.See how the delicious Ding Ho is made.

Then the street market goes to the ancient town, the road is prosperous and lively, many commercial shops and snack bars, people come and go, after a short walk, the lanes are deep and deep, the surrounding is lively, and the inside is deep and deep, such as elegant and elegant.
  Don’t underestimate the ancient town, the painting hall, the famous residence, the old shops can hit a few tens of meters, the cultural atmosphere is very strong, there is Dingcong comics exhibition hall in the quiet alley of the North Street; the peace road is thus “red wins””Fire” peasant painting exhibition hall, met the painting master Chen Xiu, the colorful local life scene was actually from the elegant woman’s pen; the “three hundred lines” museum on the Peace Street, the lamps and baskets from ancient times to the present,All of them were gathered together, and the three hundred and sixty lines were also displayed here. The ancient stage has not yet started. The festive music has been noisy. It is actually the Chenghuang Temple Square, which is attached to the street, and there is a teahouse opposite the stage.The local people are watching the scenery in the sun in threes and threes, drinking tea, chatting, and echoing the rich life of the peasant paintings.

Tip: ◆ Jinshan Mountain Fengjing Ancient Town Chengshi City in Song Dynasty, Jianzhen Yuyuan, has more than 1,500 years of history, the so-called “three paintings and one chess”, that is, cartoonist Ding Cong, Chinese painting master Cheng Shifa, Go national hand Gu Shuiru, Jinshan peasant paintingCultural folklore can be found here.

The houses in the water-filled pillow river exude the charm of the water town, which is simple and vivid.

  The sculpt of the sculpt of the sculpt of the sculpt of the sculpt in the ancient lanes, a building with wooden windows, a bamboo basket, a bright light, three hundred and sixty lines, deep air defense holes, military coats, Chairman Mao’s seal, food stamps, cloth ticket, firefighting will. as if stepping into the time tunnel, I don’t know what year it is.

The first Fengqiao Bridge, the Qingfeng Bridge, the Zhuxing Bridge, the Beifeng Bridge and the Three Bridges in the west of the ancient town are connected to the river bank, the promenade, and the numerous landscapes. From the Peace Road, the Taiping Bridge in the east of the town has been the ancient town.The tallest bridge overlooks the bridge corridor. The long black porch spreads along the river. The red lanterns are high hanging over the eaves, carved and painted, and the portals are open, chatting, doing business, and a lively life.Scenes.
The city river under the bridge is very clear. This water was changed from the Tianmu Mountain to the Huangpu River. In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, the transportation was convenient, the business was prosperous, the boat was moored, and the docks were piled up to form the half-shore porch.Rain, rain and not wet shoes, no umbrella in summer.

  Tip: ◆ The preserved buildings in Fengjing Ancient Town have Peace Street, Production Street, North Street, and the city river is shaped like a T-shaped vertical. Look at the Sanbian River, look at three bridges, three look at the nine bridges, and the three bridges on both sides., the old house, the river, the stone bridge, the thick antique taste.

  The ancient town food stringed along the way, ate the Yuan cake, chewed the tofu, took the radish, took the crystal of Ding, went to the legendary “唔呶喔哩”, was shocked, “good interest”,On the street of the pillow river, there is a table under the porch in front of the hotel. There is a table of people who are drinking and eating with enthusiasm. Seeing the green and green cress, can’t help but slobber, a large piece of tofu-like stuff in the hole.Taking the heat, the name “Wu Yue Tofu”, even the tofu is extraordinary, I will eat here at noon.

The river was afraid of cold. We chose to pick up the curtains of the blue cloth. We only saw the shadows of the people. The lanterns hung high. We saw the small halls on both sides of the corridor. The middle stone bridges were connected by water, and the rivers and bridges merged with each other.In the artistic conception of the people, the store makes full use of the space, and the river is filled with water in the bamboo basket.

Waiting for the recipe to come up, ask the snails, do you have any scorpions, plagiarize other people’s a la carte ideas, order a Wu Yue tofu, cress dry silk, and also need the Ang Thun fish in the water basket in front of the door, as well as sweet and sourPork ribs, mushroom soup and pickled pork noodles, full of a table sweeping out, and then back to remember: the ancient town center production street 65 “my home.”

  Tips: ◆ The ancient town Fengjing restaurant industry is very prosperous. There are many snack restaurants around the scenic spots. There are one tourist designated hotels in the scenic spots. One is the “Taiping Bridge Restaurant” under the Taiping Bridge, and the other is the famous “唔呶喔”.哩”, here is the local flavor of the original, Wu Yue tofu, stir-fried snails, vegetable juice dumplings, braised pork, Ang Thun, etc. are all good food in the store.

  ■ Past and Present: The ancient town of Fengjing Water Town, in ancient times, has the reputation of “three steps and one bridge, one look at ten lanes”. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, it was called the four famous towns in the south of the Yangtze River and Wangze, and the town was Fangyuan 2.

09 square kilometers, architectural heritage, cultural relics, and traditional culture are well preserved. In 2005, it was awarded the title of “Chinese historical and cultural town”.

  ■ Ancient town style: Explore Ding Ho to the old workshop, admire painting to Dingcong Manga Museum, visit traditional culture to the 300th Hall, learn about history to go to the old site of the People’s Commune and the Mao Zedong Statue Collection, feel the folk culture and go to the Jinshan Peasant Painting Exhibition and the Folk Paper-cut Exhibition, to see the ancient buildings to Cheng Shifa’s ancestral home, the Sanqiao landscape around the city river and the promenade street are ancient dwellings.

  ■Traditional cuisine: “Fengjing Four Treasures” has been famous for a long time. Ding Yixing’s hoofs have been refined through eight machines. They are cold and fragrant and eat glutinous rice, which is suitable for both rice and wine. The sweet-scented osmanthus cake is sweet and crunchy, suitable for all ages.Osmanthus flavor also has sesame flavor; Tianxiang tofu is dry, tastes sweet and fragrant, drink or snack, can also be used as a recipe for vegetarian dishes; Jinfeng brand yellow wine, is made from fine glutinous rice and wheat, sweet and fragrant ■ self-driving line Shanghai- Fengjing (about 160 kilometers to and from the whole journey, 50 yuan for tolls, 50 yuan for gasoline) Shanghai (urban) – Yanan Road elevated – A20 – Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway – Fengjing Toll Station – 320 National Road – Fengjing Ancient Town ■ Ancient Town ShoppingThere are many places to buy Fengjing four treasures inside and outside the scenic spot. There are two kinds of packaging for Ding Hoof. One is vacuum packaging. The price is slightly expensive. One is traditional packaging. The inside is made of wax paper. The external use of bamboo braided rope is more beautiful, but the shelf life is relatively short.Some of them are slightly expensive at the entrance of the workshop. It is said that it is cheaper to buy at the Ding Yixing Food Factory than the shops on the tourist street. Here, I recommend another old name “Li Ji Ming He Fang Fang”, at the Ding Cong comic showroom.surface.

On the promenade street, you can buy traditional snacks such as lard, pineapple cake, local pickled radish pickles, eggplant pickles 4 yuan a catty, a bit sweet and a little spicy, buy some home when you eat porridge is good.

Is wine a poison?

I shouldn’t do something after drinking.

Is wine a poison?
I shouldn’t do something after drinking.

After drinking too much, the whole body is unbearably unbearable.

Recently, the US “Fox News Network” article pointed out that what should be done after drinking, what should not be done, is very effective in relieving alcohol symptoms.


Don’t drink a lot of coffee: Caffeine is a diuretic. Drinking a lot of coffee after drinking can cause the body to become weaker and feel worse.

Suggestion: Drink more black tea and drink more water the next day to achieve refreshing effect.


Do not take antipyretics: taking an antipyretic (hydroxyphenylacetamide) after drunkenness can produce toxic substances that can cause inflammation or even permanent damage to the liver.

Recommendation: Take ibuprofen 1 hour in advance the next morning.


Eat less sausage and ham: greasy foods such as sausages and ham have always been considered “king of hangover”, although it will lead to certain effects, but after drunk, it is best to avoid these foods.

Because greasy food does not provide the necessary nutrients at this time.

Recommendation: It is best to eat boiled eggs or poached eggs.

Cysteine in eggs helps break down alcohol.


Do not exercise: do not promote post-drinking exercise, alcohol has a diuretic effect, the body loses more water after intoxication, prone to dehydration.

At this point, exercise again increases the risk of dehydration.

Suggestion: It is best to take a cool shower and relax.


Don’t eat fried foods: Although fried foods can make you feel comfortable for a while, you may feel uncomfortable after a few hours.

Recommendation: Eat plain bread or low-salt biscuits to improve hypoglycemia and reduce nausea.

In addition, eating a banana after drinking can add potassium.


Do not take hangovers: hangovers can temporarily break down the symptoms of drunkenness, but actually change the time of drunkenness.

Recommendation: Drink plenty of other drinks.

Mineral water is the best choice.

Sports drinks can supplement electrolytes; low acidity orange juice can supplement vitamin C; natural juices can maintain blood sugar levels.


Don’t eat before going to bed: It is a misunderstanding to eat something before going to bed to absorb alcohol.

Suggestion: Drink some water before going to bed, you can replenish body fluids and help to sober up.