Brief introduction of Chinese sailor Guo Chuan’s biographical information and photos

Brief introduction of Chinese sailor Guo Chuan’s profile and photos
On October 26th, Beijing time, Chinese professional sailor Guo Chuan, who was sailing across the Pacific in a single man sailing boat, sailed to the waters near Hawaii and lost contact with the shore team after 3 pm Beijing time (Guo Chuan in Hawaii, USASea lost contact).Guo Chuan obtained an MBA degree from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. He once worked in the aerospace department of China Great Wall Industry Corporation and participated in the launch of international commercial satellites. He is now a professional competitive sailing regatta, and has created the first time for Chinese sailing sports for many times.  1.第一位完成沃尔沃环球帆船赛的亚洲人  沃尔沃环球帆船赛是目前全球影响力最大、赛程最艰巨的专业帆船赛事和团队运动赛事之一,郭川是2008至2009沃尔沃环球帆船赛唯一一名The Asian is also the first Chinese to participate and complete the race. The race lasted 10 months and passed Alicante-Cape Town-Cochin-Singapore-Qingdao-Rio de Janeiro-Boston-Galway-Gothenburg-Stockholm-St. Petersburg.39000 nautical miles (about 72228 kilometers).  2.The first Chinese to participate in the Clipper Globe Race from January to April 2006, Guo Chuan participated in the Clipper Globe Race, departing from Singapore, passing through the Philippines, and finally arriving in Qingdao.  3.The first Chinese person to sail across the English Channel in July 2008. Guo Chuan circled around Re Island in France and Conninbeg Light Vessel in Ireland. The total voyage (uninterrupted voyage) was about 1,000 nautical miles (about 1852 kilometers).  4.The first to participate 6.The Chinese in the 5m extreme sailing race    from 2008 to 2010, Guo Chuan participated in many games in Europe 6.5m extreme regatta, completed in August 2010 from the West Bank of France to the Azores in Portugal 6.5m regatta.  5.参加环法环法帆船赛并首次夺冠的中国人之一  法国的环法帆船赛是仅次于环法自行车赛的法国夏季第二大体育赛事,从二战结束时开始,已经拥有33年的历史.On June 24, Guo Chuan set sail from Dunkirk, a port city in northeastern France.On July 25th the sails were closed in La Seine-sur-Mer.  6.The first Chinese to participate in the transatlantic mini transat extreme sailing race   The race uses the smallest 6.The 5-meter trans-ocean sailing boat, which completes the non-stop sailing for one person, is one of the extreme events in the nautical field and the ultimate test of the individual abilities of the contestants.From September to November 2011, Guo Chuan was the first Chinese to participate in this event.  7.第一个单人不间断环球航行过合恩角的中国人  2013年1月19日青岛号帆船抵达南美洲最南端的合恩角,郭川成为第一个单人不间断环球航行过合恩Horned Chinese.  8.创造国际帆联认可的40英尺级帆船单人不间断环球航行世界纪录  郭川驾驶青岛号回到了原点,完成环球航行,用时2013年4月5日7时59分06秒,创造了国际帆联Recognized world record for single-person uninterrupted round-the-world sailing on a 40-foot class sailboat.  9.2015 Breakthrough Award    In the evening of December 21, local time in Monaco, Guo Chuan, the captain of the Super Trimaran of Qingdao, China, who just completed the sailing of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, was invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Monaco Yacht Club.Prince Albert II, the head of Monaco and chairman of the Monaco Yacht Club, presented the annual breakthrough award to commend his team for completing the record-setting voyage of the Arctic Ocean (Northeast Passage).  10.2015 Achievement Award    At the London Boat Show on January 14, 2016, the authoritative magazine “Sailing and Navigation” held an annual award ceremony. The famous Chinese competitive sailor Guo Chuan won the Annual Achievement Award for the record sailing to the Arctic Ocean.”Sailing and Sailing” magazine highly praised Guo Chuan’s fleet of expeditionary voyages: Candidates are among the best in the world’s sailing field. Guo Chuan’s record sailing in the Arctic Ocean has not only been recognized by the International Sailing Speed Recording Committee,It is also used as a new benchmark in the history of sailing on the Northeast Arctic route.As a sailor from an underdeveloped sailing country, China, Guo Chuan showed us the potential of Chinese sailing. He must have a positive impact on Chinese sailing. We can expect the development of Chinese sailing.  (Alse)