Longevity eats light and lives freely


Longevity eats light and lives freely

Talking about her longevity, Luo Hong thought about it and talked slowly about three.

  She said: “My longevity is due to the peace of mind and the humiliation.

Luo Hong published more than a dozen collections of novels. Before the founding of the People’s Republic, he was hailed as a “real novelist” by the famous writer Zhao Jingshen.

After liberation, he was promoted as one of the “Top Ten Women Writers” in the country.

Whether it is in the glory days of everyone’s applause, or in the lost days of decentralized labor, she has a normal heart.

She has high blood pressure, but a double-recovery tablet that has contracted blood pressure has been around for decades.

Today, she lives a quiet and orderly life.

Get up at 5 o’clock every morning, wash your own, and then listen to the morning news at 6 o’clock on time.

Read the newspaper in the morning and read the book.

She has a variety of newspapers, mainly reading modern novels.

After eating lunch, taking a nap, mainly in the bed, flipping the newspaper, and then squatting for dozens of minutes, usually no more than an hour.

Thinking writing after a nap.

The “The Day of the Island” written by her in her later years, “The Prose of Luo Hong” came out like this.

  Second, the brain should be used more, and the hands and feet should be moved.

Luo Hong was born to be thin, and a pair of gentlemen looked quietly.

Due to professional habits, she usually sits and reads and writes, but she pays attention to activities. She believes that life lies in sports and longevity lies in hyperactivity.

For the writer, the brain should be used more, the grid should be climbed more, and the hands and feet should be moved more.

Throughout her life, she insisted on combining work and rest, cooperating with each other, reading a book for a while, and inevitably going downstairs and walking around.

She usually likes to walk. She walks around the house. On the first floor, she is all familiar. When she is eighty or ninety years old, she can walk from Xujiahui, the home of Huaihai Zhonglu.

  Third, the diet is light and should not be too full.

She said that eating, I would rather be lucky, not very full.

Can’t see good things, come up with heart, eat well, this is a hurtful move, not a way of health.

Her usual breakfast is mainly to eat rice, half a bowl of oysters, accompanied by pickles, oily peanuts.

Chinese rice, two soups, one soup, or two vegetarian soup, half a bowl of rice.

The same is true at night.

She doesn’t pick and choose, ribs, braised pork, and pork belly, but it can’t be too heavy.

She said: “Eatly eat and live comfortably.

“Speaking, laughing happily, a look of innocence, so we laughed.”