One can of beer per day to prevent male ED

One can of beer per day to prevent male ED

The study began with the publication of the international authoritative scientific journal Nature (Nature). Researcher Zheng Yingwei pointed out that the study comprehensively analyzes relevant international literature data for the past 16 years, involving 35,000 men aged 16 to 70 worldwide, and Asia accounting for nearly 10,000 people.

  The results showed that the risk of impotence was lower than that of those who did not drink alcohol. If you drink one to seven drinks a week, the risk of impotence is reduced by 27%. However, if you drink eight or more drinks per week, the risk of impotence is only reduced.15%.

  According to the definition of the National Institutes of Health, impotence is an erectile dysfunction and dissatisfaction.

Zheng Yingwei explained that because impotence and cardiovascular disease are quite similar, including diabetes, obesity, etc., the medical community has confirmed that moderate drinking can prevent cardiovascular disease, so the relationship between drinking and impotence is discussed. The results show that drinking one to seven drinks per week is the mostEffectively reducing the risk of impotence and increasing the amount of alcohol consumed will only reduce its positive impact.

  The Department of Psychiatry of the University of Hong Kong and Wu Minlun explained that the medical profession used to observe that patients suffered from excessive drinking and impaired bodily functions, leading to impotence. Therefore, the recognized alcohol is one of the predisposing factors, but it ignores the moderate drinking of healthy people. He went to the Hong Kong Sex Society.Many experts in this study are dubious.

However, the results of the study only reflect that there is a positive impact on the right amount of drinking in the long run, and it cannot be confirmed that there is immediate effect, let alone drinking alcohol to treat impotence.

  The report also stated that the Hong Kong Department of Health advised men not to drink more than three servings a day, or not more than 21 per week.

A dietitian reminds high blood pressure, high blood fat, gout and excessive patients should abstain from alcohol. Those who take hypoglycemic drugs will make their blood sugar levels too low, which can cause coma.