My sister, Anna is staged again, the director says that the love expressed in the play is not love

“My sister, Anna” is staged again, the director says that the love expressed in the play is not love
From January 3rd to 5th, directed by Yang Ting, Lian Lian, House Bin, Zhao Hongwei, Zhao Yang and so on, according to Lev?Tolstoy’s literary classic “Anna?The third round of the drama “My Sister, Anna”, adapted from “Karenina”, was staged in the Beijing Middle Theater.In 2014, “My Sister, Anna” was first put on stage by Yang Ting.Over the past six years, the brand-new and extremely varied dance beauty, the lights filled with the concept of a large area of space, and the more elegant and flexible clothing, so this show has a completely different style and temperament from the premiere.Director Yang Ting said, “Anna Karenina is a brave woman. She has thought and courage to break the shackles of society.She is not the heroine in the tragedy of love, or a woman who dares to pursue the meaning of life.What I express in the play is not love.”This work is performed by 8 actors and it takes 100 minutes to present a stage play where sadness and joy are mixed.Screenwriter Guo Qi reinterpreted the image of “Ana” as a brave woman who was born again for love and died for love from the perspective of brother Skiva.Behind Anna, the marriage of her friend Tao Li and her brother Stiva was a model of marriage in Soviet society.But Anna no longer chooses this kind of “righteous” marriage. In order to love, she does not hesitate to leave her husband and bears huge social pressure.Air Force, the heroines of the two versions of “My Sister, Anna” Wu Yue and Qi Xi gave the audience different Anna.In the 2020 version of “My Sister, Anna”, the heroine practiced returning to the stage of the drama for the first time from the popular dramas “Yanxi Palace” and “Dajiang Dahe”, portraying a very characteristic Anna.Brother Skiva’s actor, Bin Bin, the first-class actor of the National Theater, portrayed the image of an upper-class playboy.In addition, actors such as Tao Li ‘s Zhao Hongwei and Kalenin ‘s Zhao Yang also performed wonderfully.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Wang Xin